Where do we go from here?

bigwhereThe Bumps in the Road….

Wherever you’re at in building your business there’s almost always a fork in the road. Decisions and choices are an everyday challenge and, when you run your own business the buck ultimately stops with you!

When the ‘start-up’ excitement subsides and the distraction of concept creation fades, you could be left with a business that’s running on empty waiting for clients to flood you with an abundance of orders, while you hardly even break a sweat!

That’s when you can get bitten by the ‘should’ bug – you should be spending more time networking, should be posting your prices on your website, you should be on twitter more, boosting posts and creating Facebook ads, completing your profile on LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, posting videos, hosting webinars, podcasts…. should, should, should – bitten!


Now is the time to launch your business for real – launch the ship and make it happen – stop waiting for the perfect time to be a success – as someone once said – Just Do It! Remember what you wanted to do with your business when you set it up – remember you had the ideas and energy – well, you still have, but it’s all too easy to think everyone else is doing it soooo much better! They’re not!

This is the challenging time for those of us running our own business and trying to make it pay! Opportunities come round again and again and there will be no perfect time to jump on board – we’ll only learn from trying – so go for it!

Running your own business is the trip of a lifetime – this is it – feel the exhilaration and do it anyway! This is your chance to take your dream and shoot for the stars and all you have to do is package and replicate – package up your offering, stake your claim to your business expertise and begin to replicate your offering again and again, to those ideal clients who are getting to know, love and trust you!

Sure, stuff can go wrong – don’t freak out, you’re not a failure – you are good enough – remember you are a brave pioneer breaking new ground – doing it your way – it’s OK !!

There is no rule book! It’s your mind-set that will bring you Success so don’t give up the fight – create new rules, change the rules, get rid of the rules – just trust yourself and believe you’re perfectly equipped to do it. So much about starting and running your own business is about believing you can do it – when the energy and excitement wanes, keep your eye on what you set out to achieve and remind yourself, why!?

so where do you go from here?

Package and Replicate with confidence. Gather up all the experience you’ve gained from day one, and Stake your Claim to your unique business offering (your unique BO!). Ditch the dead-end services you offered at the request of less than ideal clients and go with those that you believe in. Begin to communicate with confidence and conviction and once and for all learn to say NO!

Focus on your Ideal Client. Ready? Aim, fire – define and refine – accept who they are! You know the clients you want to work with and you know those that pull on your time, your skills and your bank balance, so really learn to say NO and refer them on to a grateful associate. Move out from the circle of only doing business with friends and family and start to focus on the new ideal clients that just haven’t met you yet. Start to market ‘you’ to the ‘unknown’ new ideal clients out there, waiting to pick up your scent!

Go to where they are… Now choose what you need to do to find them (not what others tell you, you should do!!). Match up your offering with the needs of your ideal clients – know what they value and where they spend their time – search them out and let them know what you’ve got to offer. Use your shared language to help them recognise you understand their needs. Let them know what they’ll experience when they engage in business with you.

Remember the confidence and conviction – you’ve done this many times before – you’ve offered and delivered solutions to many clients just like these new ones. You’re the expert in your field and you know your business well, you believe in what you offer. Your ideal clients, old and knew ‘get’ that from your communications – your website, blogs, posts, etc. Wherever they come into contact with you, they get the same consistent package, and they love businesses like yours, that they can trust to reliably deliver again and again.

This is it…. Package up your offering, get rid of the dross, focus on your position in the vast expanse that is the market place – know where you’re aiming for, and shoot for the stars – it’s all there for you, for the taking!

Extract from – ‘Messages for the reluctant pioneer’ (aka the launch junkie!)

The bumps in the road to marketing your business – Express Success Marketing Mentoring

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