Small Business Marketing

at the chairDo you have a clear direction for the future of your business?

Are you a Small Business owner who’s struggling to make it work?

You’ve got the vision and the know-how – you’ve got the dream. You’ve been through the excitement of getting your business set up but your energy is flagging and you’re not too sure anymore??

I’ve been there and I know how it feels, and believe me this feeling will pass!

I can help you get the belief back and together we can find the way to get your success story back on track!

Your business success depends on a few things
1) You being clear on what you offer to the world. 
2) Your offering matching with the needs of a particular customer type.
3) Knowing what they need and value, what they get out of the experience of engaging with You.
4) You believing you can do it – that what you do, does it for your customers, that you are the expert who can confidently convince them of this truth, and show them again and again that this is so.

It’s not magic but it is a lot about knowing and believing in your business offering, knowing your customers trust and believe they will get what they need from you, and knowing where the connection works – that is believing in your niche and not being tempted to venture too far outside it to the lure of ‘winning more business…’

So what can I do…? where can I help?
I can help you review your offering and pick out the real (key) strengths and passions as we go.
I can help you identify and describe your real customers (lock) – what they need from you and what you can deliver to them with conviction and self-belief (confidence).
I can help you build a bridge between you and your customers (communicate clearly) using words, ideas and media to help them understand (realise) that you get them, that you can resolve their needs more perfectly than any other offering in the market place – (remember) You’re not for everyone – you’re for your real (not ideal… real!) customers.

Where are you right now?
Are you stuck at the beginning, middle or what seems like the end?
Are you getting freaked out by the number of other businesses that seem to be offering the ‘same’ as you?
Are you rapidly losing confidence in the dream you so passionately believed in just a short while ago?
Are you wondering… ‘will I ever make this business work?’

Since I started working with women running their own businesses I have seen a familiar pattern in myself and in many business owners along the way.
We can surge with passion and self-belief – we know that we made it happen in our corporate or professional lives before this – we shone like stars in the organisation because we believed we could do it and we determinedly made our way.

I’ve seen strong successful business women overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ they believe they have to do every day just to get their business moving – I’ve seen them lose their way and doubt what they thought was such a great business idea – all this, while caught up in the middle of making it happen – THE GOOD NEWS… I’ve also seen them come through this stage – let’s call it ‘the cloud’ – and when they come out of ‘the cloud’ something crucial has changed – They have renewed self-belief, self-trust, self-awareness, self-knowledge, a sense of true purpose and a determination to persevere – they gain a renewed belief in their business because they now truly believe in what they, as the vital part of their business, do for their customers.

It’s the psychology of running your own business and it takes a lot of self-belief and hard work to make it succeed.

So how can we make it work for you?
I will help you review your offering and focus your efforts on a business built on your strengths, passion and experience.
I will help you identify and describe your true customers – understand what they need from you and what you deliver to them with conviction and self-belief – tried & tested, it works!
I will help you build the bridge between you and your customers by crafting a clear marketing message and positioning statement that leaves no doubt in your customers’ mind that you are the right business for them AND no doubt in your mind what your business is all about – setting a clear direction for the future of your business.

So you will know….
Who you are
Who they are
How to tell them
How to proceed
Simples… 

Can I help you find a clear direction for your business…?
Call me – 07870601168

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