Selling tips for small businesses

So… what is your unique selling style?

sellingIt’s ‘Selling Season’ at Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange. A new season of Marketing sessions began yesterday in Chorlton with Selling tips for small businesses.

Using Malcolm Gladwell’s descriptions from his book The Tipping Point, we looked at the 3 special types of people that can impact the success of our businesses. Connectors, Mavens and Salespeople all work differently to help our business succeed!


Connectors have a very special gift of bringing people together, they are fantastic at expanding our network and putting us in touch with people that fit with our business.

Mavens are the helpers in the marketplace – they know lots about different products and services and they like to direct people to the right solution for their needs – They help connect us to our market.

Salespeople have a skill to persuade us when we are unconvinced and they are the people who will look at our business and make suggestions that help us ‘monitize’ – (eh!) make money :)

Try to identify yourself in these 3 types and then look at how this influences your selling style. Do you depend on building a relationship and developing a close rapport or use a technical problem solving approach, an account servicing approach, a more assertive selling style or business partnering style?

We all use a combination of selling styles that fit with who we are – solving customers problems and building relationships as we go or cultivating a relationship and getting to know our customers’ needs while developing new or customised solutions, and so on…

As small business owners we’re responsible for the lot – we are the expert, the connector and the sales person on our team BUT we can get help from others out there and Share and trade our special powers with theirs, and watch our business explode.

‘What type of Business person are you’ and ‘What’s your unique Selling Style?’

Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange – Marketing and Networking for Small Businesses. Meetings held every Thursday, 10am at The Lead Station, Beech Road, Chorlton.

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One thought on “Selling tips for small businesses

  1. Caroline,
    Thanks for another great session at Busy Bees Chorlton yesterday. This article sums up yesterday’s session perfectly.

    Thinking through my natural selling style within the categories of Maven, Connector and Sales Person has really helped me think about how best to start making the most of skills I already have, and capitalising on other people’s natural skills too.

    Can’t wait for next week’s session.


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