Never Mind the Neg Ferrets – Here come the Busy Bees

bb-toptipIn a world populated by Mood Hoovers, Neg Ferrets and Dream Stealers, the Busy Bees are Buzzing with positivity, focus and honest aspiration for success in their business and personal lives in 2014 – like never before!!!
(& not a Billy Bulls**ts in sight!) oops!

It was music to my ears and drum beats in my heart to hear the emphasis on focus, creativity and positivity, as well as a determination to turn situations on their head and find new solutions to old problems! (Paula McGuire). Raise the bar, work smarter, focus on clear targeted segments of your market and above all, value your time! (Liz Law).

Busy Bee has always been about connections – people buy into people who inspire them with confidence and trust. Take time to truly connect with your peers – make a break from standard ‘me’ focussed networking into a place of relationship building!  Arrange one-to-one’s with people you meet and take time to develop an understanding of what you both offer. Develop more personal connections and look for ways you might collaborate successfully and help each other succeed – instead of compete! (Judith Todd)

Believe in your business and in your worth as a business owner – you are one smart cookie and you’ve worked your ‘tail’ off to bring your business to the level it’s at – Collaborate with bigger businesses, be open-minded and creative in how you develop your business, dare to be different and dare to dream big. keep knocking on doors until they open and never be put off by what could be seen as failure – out of all the grazes comes learning and strength of conviction in what we offer and how we do business! (Orit Adiri Niemogha)

Thank You, Janet Long – Be Authentic – Be You – we choose to do business with you because you’re You! Be yourself and not ‘Billy’ ;-). Take time to determine what you and your business stand for and stick with it – don’t be swayed by the critics! Be consistent in your business communication wherever you engage with your customers and share your culture with your staff – give them the space and opportunity to contribute and to shine out too! (Jennifer Hood)

Be organised and believe you can do it – put your plans in place and work your way through them and don’t be put off by failure – if it doesn’t work try something new – learn from your mistakes and share your learning’s (Amanda Manson). Being organised and having a system will help you to focus and work smart – don’t spread yourself too thin – commit to your plans and follow them through ‘committing & doing’. Switch off when you can and enjoy the happiness of achievement! (Beatrice Bowyer)

Take care of yourself!
Take time out for yourself – have quiet times to clear your mind. Live healthy lives and balance your energy – get rid of blockages, make space and allow new opportunities to present themselves to you (Rani McNally). Nurture yourself, be responsible for your own happiness and follow your path. Try to be flexible – be open and allow yourself to be surprised by the opportunities that arise (Amanda Ellwood)

Recognise your hard work!
Reflect on the past year and acknowledge your successes and learning’s – ignore the mood hoovers and be proud of how far you’ve come and how your business has developed. Be proud of how your life has changed for the better. Everything we do is a step in our own personal success story – Live your life by your rules and don’t dance to the beat of someone else’s drum - you created your vision so it’s only natural that you make it work your way – it’s yours after all :-)

…and remember, there’s always a Busy Bee willing to give you a helping hand along the way – I hope you have a very successful year.

Caroline x

P.S. Thanks to Tracey Hopkins, Judith Franklin, Toni Mackenzie & Alex McCann and all the others who shared their Top Tips on Facebook & Twitter – keep them coming @busybeenetwork #toptip2014

What are your Top Tips for success in 2014?

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