Networking In Chorlton with Busy Bee Networking

It’s Branding and Communication Season at Busy Bee Chorlton – Marketing Exchange for small businesses. Over the next 5 weeks we’re focusing on Brand You – your offering, your customers and your competitors! We’re working towards creating a marketing message that allows You communicate with conviction and confidence.

Busy Bee CHORLTON is a Marketing focussed Networking group aimed at small businesses in the local area – We meet up every Thursday, 10am at The Lead Station in Chorlton.

Branding and Communication Season


Week 1 – Defining Your Brand Statement & Marketing Brand ‘YOU’. As Small business owners we have to market our products and services at the same time as marketing ourselves. People do business with people and people want to do business with you because of the unique way you conduct business. They respond to how you interact and engage with them which leads them to trust in YOU and your products and services. How do you define Your Brand and do you clearly communicate your uniqueness? Let’s work on defining and clarifying the key elements of Your Brand Statement and improve how you market ’Brand YOU’.

Week 2 – Identify your customers & understand what they value about YOU.


Having a great concept or business idea is a powerful start but if we do not play to our strengths or deliver what our customers expect from us then we may be missing the point and trying to be all things to all customers. Remember we are only there for our customers – we’re not for everyone. Let’s be clear about who our customers are and let’s speak to them in a language they understand and in a way that makes complete sense to them!

Week 3 – Marketing and the Competition

mktingcompetitionWhere do you fit in to the market compared to everything else that’s on offer? What differentiates you from your competition and why do your customers come back to you again and again? Let’s examine your competitors’ offering and be clear about how you are different from them. Let’s also listen to what your customers say in order to find out what they find so compelling about engaging in business with you.

Week 4 – Communicate with Conviction – Creating your Marketing Message.


Considering your Brand offering, your target market, your positioning and the clear knowledge of why your customers choose you over the competition – you can create a marketing message that allows you to communicate with conviction and confidence. Then add value to your offering by delivering on your promise and ensuring you are offering exactly what your customers want and need. Communicate clearly and consistently but above all believe in your delivery and communicate with confidence and conviction and win customers that trust you and come back to you again and again!

Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange meets every Thursday, 10am, at the lead Station in Chorlton – Hope to see you soon!

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