‘Keep On Moving’, with confidence

2012 was the Year of Fluidity when we were advised to ‘Go with the Flow’, and not to expect predictability. In a changing world we’ve learned that things just don’t add up the way we expect them to any more. In 2012 we were encouraged to look at the world differently, to ‘try and try again’ and to deal positively with the outcomes – we were advised to make the best of what came our way.

looking back over the past year we all have something to be proud of – there were some unexpected successes, some disappointments and definitely lots of learning’s. The main thing is, we got through it and we are better for it!

So what faces us this year??? What does 2013 hold for us???
None of us know for sure… but we do know for sure that we will ‘Keep on Moving!’
We will take the good, the successes, the learning’s and make the best of the situation we find ourselves.

No matter where we found ourselves at the end of 2012 – we need to be proud of our efforts to date, we must continue to put in the efforts to build our businesses. We also need to take stock and congratulate ourselves and keep moving things forward.
For many of us, our goals are in place for 2013 and we are planning for success, so all we need to do is stick with it, be positive and make the best of the business and personal successes we have achieved so far.

Toni Mackenzie, http://www.innerdepths.co.uk/ a self-empowerment coach and corporate wellness consultant, advocates letting go of stress, anxiety and self-doubt, and creating calmness, positivity and confidence!
We are looking forward to hearing some useful tips and advice for maintaining a positive attitude toward achieving our goals, as we ‘Keep on Moving’ forward in 2013.

Toni is speaking at the Busy Bee Networking meeting on Tuesday 12th February at 10am.

For more information go to www.busy-bee-networking.co.uk or email caroline@busy-bee-networking.co.uk 

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