Just Be You

JUST BE YOUJust Be You, in everything you do and when faced with adversity – stay true to You!

It’s funny how ideas circle around and certain topics that require attention come up again and again until you acknowledge and address them. Well that’s been happening to me in the last few days.

Be True to You – It’s your business, run it your way
Advice is good but remember advice comes from another person’s perspective. Listening is good, adapting is good but replicating exactly what another business does, will more than likely not work the same way for you!

Failure is a Good Teacher
We all stumble and trip and learn from mistakes, and as a result, improve how we run our businesses – we get to the point when we realise we can trust ourselves, trust in our expertise and believe in our unique abilities. Once you harness that confidence you begin to ‘own’ your business and run it as you see fit!

We’re Passionate
Many of us set up businesses because we’re passionate about what we do and the drive to develop our services comes from a deep concern for our clients’ needs. so what we do is very closely wrapped up in who we are and what we care deeply about.

Be Prepared
It’s not so easy when someone questions what you do or criticises what you say or how you run your business. In those moments, it’s all too easy to lose sight of why you do what you do – it’s easy to be swayed by what others say you ‘should’ do.
We need to be ready, be prepared to take on the world – package up what we offer and stay true to who we are.

Do yourself a favour (now this is just advice & it works for me…)
Revisit the basics of your business and get your story straight – you know why you do what you do, what you’re passionate about and what drives you to work with your ideal clients. You know what they love about engaging in business with you and you know why they choose you over other options in the marketplace.

Listen to your heart, listen to your favourite clients and make it clear to the world what you do and why you do it your way. Own it, value it and believe in it! When you do this, you communicate with Confidence and Conviction AND you are prepared when someone questions you or criticises you. Your self-belief and self-assurance both protect you and guide you, as you respond.

Shoot for the stars
Taking a leaf from Naomi’s book (Naomi Gilmour, Branching Out Online) I think we are all super heroes – as business owners, we all can fly to the moon and shoot for the stars! But our super hero cape doesn’t just help us soar, it guards us in the certainty of who we are and why we choose to do what we do.

I started Busy Bee Networking because I love helping women find their voice, their certainty and their confidence. I can see it in the women I meet, I can hear it in what they say. They have passion, drive and dreams, and they have uncertainty too which gets worked out over time as they develop their offering and build up their business.

Women running businesses around busy family lives
I want to continue to offer women running businesses a friendly, safe and constructive environment in which to grow their business. I want to continue to see the changes that liberate the dreams and makes them a reality. But most of all I want to continue to see the support and generosity you show to each other as you all work to make a success of running your own businesses around a busy family life.

You run your business – do it your way, and get all the help you need along the way!




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