Get Maximum Exposure for your business in 2015

We can perfect our performance til the cows come home, fine tune our business offering til we’re blue in the face and clarify our brand image til it’s picture perfect… but if we don’t get exposure to the right customers then we remain the best kept secret in town!

This season at Busy Bee CHORLTON, we’ll be looking at how to achieve maximum exposure for your business. We’ll explore the tools, methods and vehicles available to open up our businesses to our ideal clients and figure out the mix that gives you Maximum Exposure to your ideal customers, again and again.

Over the coming weeks we’ll explore the best ways to open up your business to a world of ideal clients who just haven’t heard about you yet!

flowers exposed to lightThursday 8th January :

what gives you maximum exposure for your business right now? Let’s see where are we’re starting from so we can track how far we travel over the coming weeks.

At a time of Goal Setting, what works for you? what would you love to try? what do you think is possible? how far do you want to go?



social media disco ballThursday 15th January :  Blogging and Magnetic online engagement – If our content is spot on and we know who our ideal customers really are… then how do we get them to read and engage with us?

How do we get maximum value from our sweat and blood branded content? how do we win the hearts and eyes of lots of new potential customer and increase our business using all the online tools and tricks at our disposal?



tube videosThursday 22nd January : The Power of Videos, Webinars & Podcasts – Jump into the world of videos, webinars and podcasts and out of our online comfort zone of blogging and posting. What are the practical guidelines and pitfalls to be avoided? How do we nurture a huge following, continually engage them and convince potential clients to trust in our business offering?


yougetitrightThursday 29th January : Networking, Engaging and Magnetic Face to Face capture.

Spread the word everywhere you go and give everyone the chance to recommend you to their network of contacts. Engage your audience and give them something to remember you by.

Capture the power of face to face contact and make it work for you!



you've got mailThursday 5th February : Direct Contact – Email Marketing, texting, calling etc.

You’ve got mail! Get right in front of potential clients and get them to respond. Craft clear content that travels well and stays in line with your business offering. Develop a trusting relationship and be the first they call upon when they are in need!



tvradioprintThursday 12th February :

TV, Radio, Print – become a media Expert and expose yourself and your business to a new world of opportunities and potential clients.

PENNY HASLAM is sharing her expertise with us once again!!!



PennyPenny will introduce her concept of Expert Women – PHEW and guide you as you work out your own areas of expertise.

Penny offers directions straight to the doors of broadcasters and tips on becoming valuable expert contributors on subjects and issues relevant to your business and life experience.

Everyone is welcome to come along to Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange, making marketing simple for small business owners! Meetings are held 10am every Thursday, upstairs at the Lead Station. Click on the dates you want to attend and please make payments via PayPal in advance of the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!



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