Ditch the Stress and go with Success!

My Busy Bee Motto for 2014 is ‘Ditch the stress and go with success’. We owe it to ourselves to succeed – but what stops us and why do we allow ourselves to be pulled in all directions, away from our focus points? how do you get back on track when the time wasting gremlins grab you??

Brain clutter, popcorn head, lack of energy and complete chaos are just some of the reasons I’ve heard when we talk about finding it hard to focus – ‘too much going on’ and no priorities in place; ‘Great ideas’ and not enough time to do it all; ‘flagging energy levels’ and complete breakdown in the connection between the head and the heart!!

heartlineHeart – Head – Energy – Priorities

It became clear as we listened to Judith Franklin (Good Life Therapy) tell us about the psychological impact of clutter on our lives – distraction and stalling seems to originate in the never ending conflict between the HeartHead - Energy and Priorities!!

Even with dragon determination and passionate heartfelt desire to achieve - if we lack energy and priorities, we won’t get anywhere. Equally energy overload, passion and an abundance of ideas will not guarantee success. I think the answer to successful lives and businesses lies in fine-tuning our passion, ideas and energy, and the traffic cop of the group has to be the priorities! They allow us get from one place to the next on our path to success!

As we listened, heads were nodding around the room – everyone could relate to the feeling of losing focus. Exchanging strategies for getting back on track proved to be very useful to everyone!

Clear the Energy
The Cluttered dining room table, the bundles of unfiled paperwork, the multi-purpose office space, can all drag you down and zap your energy! Deal with it – set the time aside and sort it out! Not only will it lighten your mood it will free the flow of energy and clear your mind so you can tackle your well-laid plans!

Clear your Head
‘Free your mind and the rest will follow…’ – Don’t despair at your popcorn brain – the overload of ideas is only the start of great plans – don’t fight them – go with the flow!
Step away from the desk and do what you need to do to clarify your thoughts – take a walk, come away from the computer, sit somewhere different, start to write things down – whatever works for you… do it! Just don’t block your flow – follow through with your thoughts until your goals are clear – then work hard to package them into ‘do-able’ tasks.

Heartfelt Passion
We’ve heard phrases like ‘it was a bit flat, my heart wasn’t in it…’ Our passion lights the fire and drives our desires… it’s the heart of our success! Our passion pushes us forward, takes chances, makes us committed and determined, and reminds us we’re following our dreams. In business people connect with businesses that display passion, that show they care and that they can trust – having a heart is compelling!

Our time demands Priorities!
We’ve all got time issues – got a lot on our plate! Distilling your ideas into plans is the ultimate goal; Working in a way that suits you will allow your strengths to shine and will enable you to be most productive. Then it’s about prioritising – implement a step by step approach. Clarify your focus and plan your weekly workload. shorten your ‘to do’ list and get through your tasks every day …..and let your passion flow!

Ditch the Stress and go with success!

This Year – don’t let the mess cause you stress – make 2014 a success!

WORKSHOP: Judith Franklin & Amanda Manson offering ‘Why Mess Causes Stress’ Workshop – Saturday 18th January 10am to 1pm. Ph: 07754 069829 or 07961 488491 or email: info@orderlyofficeandhome.co.uk to book and for details.

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