Consider your own personal brand

So now might be the time to define your own personal Brand.

Starting your own business turns the light on you and what you do!

What is the personality of your new business? If you had to describe the character of your business in a few words what would you say? What do you want or need to tell your audience about your business to make them want to engage with it or to introduce you to their friends and family?

Be Real, Be honest and be authentic. Outline the experience you promise them if they engage in business with you, then deliver and improve your service whenever necessary!

Considering your own personal Brand – an exercise in defining your brand

‘Who’ is your business?

Describe your business identity and personality using a short description and highlighting qualities that illustrate your business.

Who does your business serve?

Describe the type(s) of customer(s) you work  for?

How do you do business with them?

What’s the experience you promise them and how do you intend to treat them?
Outline the ‘values’ that govern how you engage and work with your customers.

What benefits do they get from your business?

Consider what you are doing for your customer to satisfy their needs
Consider what they tell you, you are doing for them – their overall perceived benefit.
how do they value what you do for them ?

Summarise your personal Brand

After considering these elements of your business and your customers:

1) Summarise the description of your business offering, in a short paragraph (8 to 10 lines).
2) Extract a list of relevant Values that describe what you offer, how you do business, and the benefits to your customers.

‘Your Brand Values describe the heart of your business and help to build your brand personality. Your Brand Values govern how you do business and what your customers expect when they engage in business with you.’


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