Communicate Your Way to Winning Business?

at the chairWould you like to have a Marketing Message that wins you new business, every time you communicate with potential customers?

Wouldn’t it be great to know that everything you put out there was working to do exactly that?


Why not say ‘HELLO’ to your customers, listen to what they have to say and start to
Communicate Your Way to Winning Business!

Identify your customers and what they value about your business – Then package and replicate that to win some more!

Once we clarify our offering and feel convinced it’s what our customers want, then it’s time to focus on our communication.

BrandingSo let’s focus here on your Marketing Message!

But first…

Who are your customers and what do they value about what you offer? Your product or service?

What are some of the unique characteristics your customers identify when you ask them about what you do for them?

What have they told you? Have you asked for feedback? Have you asked them to explain their Comments?

Let’s get this right!

What do they value about your business? what’s most important to them about what you do? Are you catering for your customers’ priorities in your marketing communications? ……or are you focussing your own? or worse still, are you trying to convince the world? Remember if you know your customers well – you can easily find more just like them!

Package & Replicate
Profile your customers according to their needs AND what they value about your business – ask them!! Listen to them!!
Acknowledge what they value and don’t underestimate what’s more important to your customers, ‘…it’s not always what you think, so make sure you know!’
Once you are convinced that what you offer supports what they value – Include their priorities in your communication!

Can you profile your different types of customers accurately? Are you ‘roping them all into the same bag’ or should you be communicating differently with the different types of customers? Separate them out, identify and group them according to what they value about what you offer them!

Now you’ve separated them out, how can you win more of them?

Be proud and be convinced!
Allow yourself to be surprised by what you hear – Your customers value your business offering for different reasons and often these reasons mean more to them than we might realise. Take on board what they say, check it with other customers, get a rounded picture of the value of your business to your customers!

Speak their language!
Now you know what your business means to your customers, you can communicate the value of your offering with iron-clad conviction! When you have a fuller understanding of how important your service is to them, you build a new sense of confidence and reassurance into your marketing communication. What you communicate starts to be ‘spot-on’ and will resonate with other potential customers that fit the profile of your existing customer base.

Be Clear & they will Hear!
It’s more important now than ever to get it right!
With millions of messages bombarding our customers via various media, they need to hear you, they need to know you understand what they value in a business like yours and they need to be convinced you will deliver on their expectations.
Like iron filings to a magnet, they will be attracted to you – if you are clear, they definitely will hear! :-)

bb-marketingAt Busy Bee Marketing we take a modular approach to marketing
and we customise our services to suit your business needs.



Marketing your business can be simple

  1. Be clear about what you offer
  2. Know how much your customer values your business
  3. Get your message right AND deliver it consistently
  4. Win new business and a positive reputation
  5. Retain your customers, build their loyalty – continue to satisfy their needs

Why make it more complicated than you need to….?

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