Communicate your way to a Stronger Brand

lacy topI received an eNewsletter recently from a business I had never heard of, about a workshop they were holding. An interesting sounding title encouraged me to open it but after the first paragraph I began to wonder what was actually on offer, as I still didn’t have a clue!

It got me thinking …

Because you lost me after the first few lines – do you still deserve my attention?
Do you still have a great business and service to offer me??
Do you still want me to read on???

….. Of course you do, I’m a potential customer!

When it comes to the internet, we’re a bit like butterflies, flitting, on and off web pages, landing briefly, hoping to find what we need in one stroke of a key. we don’t hang about reading long text and mixed messages – if we don’t see ‘it’, we’re gone.

Business hurdles
As businesses we’ve got to figure out the behaviour of our potential customers… we need to know what’s going on in their heads!?
One thing’s for sure, we need to clear out the extra waffle on our websites and work on our marketing content, if we want to win their interest, at least for a while….

Being so close to our businesses we can lose sight of how our customers see us and what they expect from us.

We’re so caught up with the detail of our offering, the worry of how we’re perceived and the fear that we won’t win new customers, that we forget how to communicate clearly and directly. We forget how important it is to be clear and direct!

We need to Focus!
How do we become clear and direct in our communication? How do we know what to focus on?

If you have the answers to a few important questions, you could go a long way to improve your marketing communication.

[What do you do?]
What does your business offer potential customers?
Your business offering(s) & your working ethos?

[Who do you hope to do it for?]
Who are your potential customers for each business offering?
Identify who they are – profile them so you recognise them!

[Why will they pick you?]
Why do you hope they choose your business over the competition?
What’s is your unique selling point?

[What's in it for them?]
Why will they choose you over the competition?
What are their perceived benefits of engaging in business with you?

If you can begin to answer these questions, you will have solid content, the material you need for your (improved) business communication.

A Clear & Direct Message
When you create your marketing message, you don’t have to tell every single thing about what you do and how you do it, but you do need to answer your customers’ questions and offer solutions that will satisfy their needs – quickly and effectively (or they’ll flutter on by).

Say what you do, relate it to your customers’ needs and the perceived benefits they are looking for. Your business solutions should satisfy the needs of your profiled customer(s) not the needs of every person out there!

Don’t justify your existence get to the point or they will be gone and you will lose them to someone else!

Simple :-)

Communicate your way to a stronger brand
I can work with you to help you identify the key content for your marketing communication and work with your to build a clear and direct marketing message.
For help with all your marketing communications – Call Caroline at Busy Bee Marketing
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