Closing Sales and Winning Business

Ask any small business owner and they’ll tell you all the things they love about running their own business, but equally there’ll be a list of ‘dislikes’ that include…. SALES and SELLING. Whatever small business owners tell us, ‘Selling’ is often near the top of the list! Many woman business owners I come into contact with, find it particularly challenging BUT closing sales and winning business simply has to be done!

Have you ever been ‘oh so close…’ and then, you lose the sale – the client walks away with no commitment and you get that sinking feeling that they won’t be back….
Clarity in communicating your offering and a clear focus on your ideal client is vitally important, but how do you close the sale when you getting so close…?

Two Businesswomen Shaking Hands In Modern OfficeAt Busy Bee Networking we’re back to Business as usual with 3 meetings every week at Hale, Chorlton and Northwich – The focus for the next 6 weeks is on ‘Closing that Sale & Winning business’ – Sales, selling techniques and strategies for ensuring client buy-in and commitment are all included. We will analyse the problems and come up with solutions and hopefully each person will discover a few good techniques they can put into practice immediately and start winning more business!

We kick off with our meeting in Hale reviewing the issues we have with ‘selling’ and investigating solutions and strategies to improve our chances of closing sales more effectively and winning more business!

We’ll continue in more detail over the following weeks in CHORLTON and Northwich uncovering the issues that stop us from closing sales and devise practical solutions to improve our chances of winning business from now onwards!

relax n sellSESSION 1 – Getting in the mood to sell!
Authenticity, expertise & clarifying what our clients need.
Thursday 26th Feb. CHORLTON & Friday 27th Feb. Northwich




sell fast

SESSION 2 – Selling techniques and recognising the ‘buying signals’.
Listening, watching and closing the sale!
Thursday 5th March CHORLTON & Friday 6th March Northwich




toolsSESSION 3 – Tools to help you close a sale.
convert their interest into intent – Paint a picture of the experience they’ll get when they engage in business with you – get them signing on the dotted line…
Thursday 12th March CHORLTON & Friday 13th March Northwich



weSESSION 4 – Building a Buying Relationship
Creating client ‘buy-in’ – loyalty, repeat purchases, nurturing the relationship
Thursday 19th March CHORLTON & Friday 20th March Northwich




expectationsSESSION 5 – Managing Expectations & encouraging commitment
Terms & conditions, chargeable hours, stages of delivery
Thursday 26th March CHORLTON & Friday 27th March Northwich




yougetitrightSESSION 6 – The Key to closing sales and winning business
Sharing our learnings and conclusions – trial and error, business choices.
Individual case studies – what’s working for you?
Thursday 2nd April CHORLTON & Friday 3rd April Northwich

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