Busy Bee Experts in the Room!

4 experts in the room
Support, Direction and Connections for success!

This season we’re focussing on the Busy Bee Networking Experts in the room! Over the coming months we’re asking the Busy Bees to step up and share their expertise with the others.

Learn how to increase your earnings by changing how you use LinkedIn; how to craft expert content for blogging and posting; get top time saving tips for expert time management; Improve your approach to goal setting and get motivated to achieve and succeed!

Catherine McKinnon, Pink Spaghetti; Susan Leigh, Lifestyle Therapy; Tracey Hopkins, Business Vision Coach and Julia Rice, My Family and Other Books – offering their expertise to all the Bees and visiting colleagues.

April 25th, at The Elk of Chorlton : Catherine McKinnon, Pink Spaghetti – Time Management & Time Saving Tips
May 2nd, at Piccolino’s in Hale : Susan Leigh, Lifestyle Therapy – Motivation and Goal Setting
May 9th, at The Elk of Chorlton : Tracey Hopkins, Business Vision Coach – Increase your Income by changing how you use LinkedIn (5 great things about LinkedIn)
May 16th, at Piccolino’s in Hale : Tracey Hopkins, Business Vision Coach – Increase your Income by changing how you use LinkedIn (5 great things about LinkedIn)
May 23rd, at The Elk of Chorlton : Julia Rice, My Family and Other Books – Crafting expert content for blogging and posting – writing tips, discussion & practical exercises.
May 30th, at Piccolino’s in Hale : Catherine McKinnon, Pink Spaghetti – Time Management & Time Saving Tips

Busy Bee Networking members and non-members are very welcome to attend – click on the event page for each speaker to book your place.

For further details, please email caroline@busy-bee-networking.co.uk

Show Off Your Brand Credibility

brand-on-the-wallThis season at Busy Bee Networking we’re encouraging you to ‘Show off your Brand Credibility’ and influence key individuals in your target market. Get your core message right and craft content that will engage, educate and entertain your target market. We’ll show you how to create stories that will influence information overloaded consumers, and encourage them to sit up and take notice of your business, once and for all!

Brand Credibility is built on the trust and confidence your ideal clients have in your brand, and your consistent response and high quality delivery. Offering a product or service rooted in authority, authenticity and transparency and delivered with empathy and real understanding of the needs of your clients, engenders trust and nurtures brand credibility. Listening you’re your clients and learning with them to deliver an outcome that they need and want, shows you are real, sincere and truly responsive to their needs within the your area of expertise.
It’s important to communicate what you offer in a clear and consistent way while outlining what you can, and will do, to achieve the outcome that best serves your clients. Knowing who they are and what they need is one thing but getting them to really trust you to deliver a quality service, is another. This is where influencers can help – focusing your marketing activities on key individuals that have influence over potential buyers can make it easier to get your trusted marketing message out to more of your target market.

brand-credibilityOver the coming Weeks at Busy Bee Networking meetings in Hale, Chorlton, Didsbury and Knutsford, we’ll focus on developing Brand credibility and crafting a marketing message that engages key influencers in your target market. We’ll focus on what ideal clients need to know about your business and help you to become a good story teller, crafting content that engages, educates and entertains more (information overloaded) potential customers!


confidenceatworkWeek 1)
Focus on your Ideal client and identify the Key Influencers in your target market. How do they, and can they drive business your way and help build your Brand credibility? Begin to describe their network of influence and become aware of how to best communicate with them.


brand-credibility-meter-1024x414Week 2)
Get your Core message right and decide what you want your target market to know and share about you and your business so you can begin to ‘Show off your Brand Credibility’. What does it take to engage, educate & entertain influencers and other potential customers?


BrandWeek 3)
Become a storyteller – learn to craft powerful content and create brand stories that get straight to the heart of your target market. Weaving in the qualities that illustrate why your clients trust you and believe in you, helps develop stories that demonstrate your value and truly influence your, information overloaded, customers!


Busy Bee Networking meets weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we welcome members and non-members to join us at any of these meetings. Members can attend all the meetings free of charge and non-members pay just £10* per session.
Contact caroline@busy-bee-networking.co.uk for further information or check out the website www.busy-bee-networking.co.uk for more details 

Great Speakers at Busy Bee

There’s a host of great business speakers at Busy Bee Networking this month!

Alison Staples-Pocock, 4 Manchester Women
Tuesday, 13th November @ the Busy Bee weekly meeting at the Hale Kitchen & Bar

Orit Adiri-Niemogha, H and D Diamonds,
Tuesday 20th November @ the Busy Bee weekly meeting at the Hale Kitchen & Bar

Naomi Gilmour, Branching Out Online
Tuesday 27th November @ the Busy Bee weekly meeting at the Hale Kitchen & Bar

Shari Royle – www.shariroyle.co.uk
Busy Bee Mega Networking Evening – Wednesday 28th of November at the Bowdon Parish Centre
Shari May Royle, an award Winning motivational and inspirational speaker with a real difference. Her fresh approach to inspiring and motivating has earned her many plaudits from educational, public sector and commercial leaders.
Everyone Welcome!
For details & To Pay online – http://busy-bee-networking.co.uk/event/busy-bee-mega-networking-evening/

Karina Taylor, Personal Stylist
Tuesday 4th December @ the Busy Bee weekly meeting

Busy Bee Christmas Lunch @ The Hale Kitchen and Bar
Tuesday 11th December, 11am to 13.30pm
Introductions & Open networking at 11am
Lunch @ Midday

Try come along and hear what these great local business women have to offer.
I look forward to seeing you at one of these great Busy Bee Networking event, soon.

Caroline x