Networking for Small Businesses in Chorlton

BusyBeeCHORLTONIt’s ‘Selling Season’ at Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange – Marketing and Networking for Small Businesses. Meetings held every Thursday, 10am at The Lead Station, Beech Road, Chorlton.
Over the next 6 weeks we will explore how Small Businesses SELL!

What works for your type of business and what works for YOU in particular? Keeping in mind your personality and how you do business what is your unique selling style?

1) Thursday 5th June - This week it’s all about ‘What type of Business person are you’ and ‘What’s your unique Selling Style?’

2) Thursday 12th June – ‘Hard Sell’ V’s ‘Generate Interest’ – are you the ‘go-to’ person in your field and how do you win yourself the title of ‘Expert in your Field’? Let your customers know exactly what you stand for and build up your reputation for being an expert in your business field.

3) Thursday 19th June – Unique Selling Propositions – Get a unique selling proposition and stand out from the crowd! Reek with Uniqueness & Quickly draw your customers in. Make it clear from the first minute what your small business is all about! (clear selling proposition!).

4) Thursday 26th June – Value yourself like your customers do – Pricing, Packaging and Special offers – Costs, customers and competition (what are your costs, what are customers willing to pay and what the competition charges).

5) Thursday 3rd July – Fairs, Exhibitions, Networking Events – how do small businesses stand out from the crowd and Sell off-line in the Big, Big, Big World!?

6) Thursday 10th July – Sell, Sell, Sell – Unique Selling Techniques – online and offline – New Selling styles and approaches that could work for you… wording, gimmicks, magnets, Graphics & Styles.

For full details of other Busy Bee Networking Events for small businesses in Hale and Chorlton – check out the Events Calendar on the Busy Bee Networking Website.
£10 drop-in for non-members, £5 for visiting Busy Bee Members and Free for Busy Bee CHORLTON members.

BusyBeeCHORLTONBusy Bee marketing Exchange


Networking In Chorlton with Busy Bee Networking

It’s Branding and Communication Season at Busy Bee Chorlton – Marketing Exchange for small businesses. Over the next 5 weeks we’re focusing on Brand You – your offering, your customers and your competitors! We’re working towards creating a marketing message that allows You communicate with conviction and confidence.

Busy Bee CHORLTON is a Marketing focussed Networking group aimed at small businesses in the local area – We meet up every Thursday, 10am at The Lead Station in Chorlton.

Branding and Communication Season


Week 1 – Defining Your Brand Statement & Marketing Brand ‘YOU’. As Small business owners we have to market our products and services at the same time as marketing ourselves. People do business with people and people want to do business with you because of the unique way you conduct business. They respond to how you interact and engage with them which leads them to trust in YOU and your products and services. How do you define Your Brand and do you clearly communicate your uniqueness? Let’s work on defining and clarifying the key elements of Your Brand Statement and improve how you market ’Brand YOU’.

Week 2 – Identify your customers & understand what they value about YOU.


Having a great concept or business idea is a powerful start but if we do not play to our strengths or deliver what our customers expect from us then we may be missing the point and trying to be all things to all customers. Remember we are only there for our customers – we’re not for everyone. Let’s be clear about who our customers are and let’s speak to them in a language they understand and in a way that makes complete sense to them!

Week 3 – Marketing and the Competition

mktingcompetitionWhere do you fit in to the market compared to everything else that’s on offer? What differentiates you from your competition and why do your customers come back to you again and again? Let’s examine your competitors’ offering and be clear about how you are different from them. Let’s also listen to what your customers say in order to find out what they find so compelling about engaging in business with you.

Week 4 – Communicate with Conviction – Creating your Marketing Message.


Considering your Brand offering, your target market, your positioning and the clear knowledge of why your customers choose you over the competition – you can create a marketing message that allows you to communicate with conviction and confidence. Then add value to your offering by delivering on your promise and ensuring you are offering exactly what your customers want and need. Communicate clearly and consistently but above all believe in your delivery and communicate with confidence and conviction and win customers that trust you and come back to you again and again!

Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange meets every Thursday, 10am, at the lead Station in Chorlton – Hope to see you soon!

Communicate your way to a Stronger Brand

lacy topI received an eNewsletter recently from a business I had never heard of, about a workshop they were holding. An interesting sounding title encouraged me to open it but after the first paragraph I began to wonder what was actually on offer, as I still didn’t have a clue!

It got me thinking …

Because you lost me after the first few lines – do you still deserve my attention?
Do you still have a great business and service to offer me??
Do you still want me to read on???

….. Of course you do, I’m a potential customer!

When it comes to the internet, we’re a bit like butterflies, flitting, on and off web pages, landing briefly, hoping to find what we need in one stroke of a key. we don’t hang about reading long text and mixed messages – if we don’t see ‘it’, we’re gone.

Business hurdles
As businesses we’ve got to figure out the behaviour of our potential customers… we need to know what’s going on in their heads!?
One thing’s for sure, we need to clear out the extra waffle on our websites and work on our marketing content, if we want to win their interest, at least for a while….

Being so close to our businesses we can lose sight of how our customers see us and what they expect from us.

We’re so caught up with the detail of our offering, the worry of how we’re perceived and the fear that we won’t win new customers, that we forget how to communicate clearly and directly. We forget how important it is to be clear and direct!

We need to Focus!
How do we become clear and direct in our communication? How do we know what to focus on?

If you have the answers to a few important questions, you could go a long way to improve your marketing communication.

[What do you do?]
What does your business offer potential customers?
Your business offering(s) & your working ethos?

[Who do you hope to do it for?]
Who are your potential customers for each business offering?
Identify who they are – profile them so you recognise them!

[Why will they pick you?]
Why do you hope they choose your business over the competition?
What’s is your unique selling point?

[What's in it for them?]
Why will they choose you over the competition?
What are their perceived benefits of engaging in business with you?

If you can begin to answer these questions, you will have solid content, the material you need for your (improved) business communication.

A Clear & Direct Message
When you create your marketing message, you don’t have to tell every single thing about what you do and how you do it, but you do need to answer your customers’ questions and offer solutions that will satisfy their needs – quickly and effectively (or they’ll flutter on by).

Say what you do, relate it to your customers’ needs and the perceived benefits they are looking for. Your business solutions should satisfy the needs of your profiled customer(s) not the needs of every person out there!

Don’t justify your existence get to the point or they will be gone and you will lose them to someone else!

Simple :-)

Communicate your way to a stronger brand
I can work with you to help you identify the key content for your marketing communication and work with your to build a clear and direct marketing message.
For help with all your marketing communications – Call Caroline at Busy Bee Marketing
M: 07870601168 or email:

Brand Psychology – your Business, you choose!

Brands, brands everywhere! The market is littered with all kinds of brands – easily recognisable; easy to describe what they offer; easy to describe who buys them…They’re pretty consistent – communicate in same style and personality and their customers have the same expectations of them every time…


Branding is BIG Business
All businesses need a clear understanding of what they stand for, so… everyone on board behaves in a way that suits or matches the brand.
They deliver a ‘united force’, a consistent image for that business.
Everyone involved knows what they offer to their customers and they know clearly who their customers are! Their customers also understand what’s on offer and what to expect when they engage with that business – what they’re getting and how it all works – no surprises there!

Brand Personality
Brands are described as having a personality, style or image. They can be described using words that personalise them and endear them to their customers.
Customer satisfaction can be described as personal needs satisfied – perceived benefits, unique to a group of customers.

‘People do Business with People’
Businesses hire certain ‘types’ of people that match their brand character, their values and their style.

Running your own business… is no different!
We need to be clear about what we stand for – What we offer, How we do business

Our Customers need to understand what they will get, the experience we promise them when they engage with us AND they need to believe their needs will be satisfied!

STILL TRUE….People do business with People!

Our Customers buy into our Personal Brand – Our unique offering, our values and the experience we promise.

We need to understand what it is that OUR customers find compelling and be true to our values at the same time – we need to be AUTHENTIC.

Communicate consistently what you offer and what you stand for – manage the impact you have on the market.

It’s a 2 sided exchange…

Your side
Knowing, defining, owning who you are and what you offer
Being consistent and Clear in all your communications across all platforms.

Market side
How customers perceive you – your reputation in the market
How you impact the market – what you are delivering to the market place.

Manage your impact on the Market?
Understand your customers and what they find ‘compelling’ about you and your business, as well as what they perceive to be the benefit of doing business with you!!

Understanding the needs of the consumer, the reasons they choose your business, your brand.

Be authentic and true to your business offering and your values.

Be consistent in your communications.

Define and Own
Once you have defined and accepted what your business offers and how you work, the issues you satisfy, the benefits you offer your customers….

Then you keep it consistent – the more authentic and true to your passion and your strengths, the more authentically consistent your communications will be.

You will manage your impact on the market, you will deliver what your customers expect.

The Branding Psychology

Louise Mowbray (Mowbray By Design) talks about Conscious self-awareness, Conscious Self-management, consciously causing the effect…

People buy from people on an emotional level – when we understand what others find compelling about us and our business, we tend to deliver more of this and less of the stuff they don’t value!

So… Know yourself, know your business, know your customer, know how you impact the market and communicate consistently.

Authenticity in Business
It’s no coincidence we do what we do – It’s no coincidence we choose to run our businesses the way we do – It’s no coincidence we choose to work with the people we do.

So TRUST your way of doing things, trust your motivation and trust yourself…. when it feels right and when it feels wrong…

As small businesses, don’t try to be everything to everyone…

Explore opportunities but be mindful of the impact of new ‘projects’ on your business.

It’s Your Business – You Choose!

Busy Bee Tuesday ‘Drop-in’ meetings are a bit of a tradition…

Since December 2008 local women running businesses have been dropping into the weekly Busy Bee Networking meetings. Tuesday mornings have become a bit of a Busy Bee tradition, and every week busy women entrepreneurs stop by to share their experiences, ask for assistance or chill with like-minded business women in our local area.

At Busy Bee we encourage women to think clearly about their branding, their targeting and their communication. Being clear from the outset helps you channel your energies into delivering the business offering your customers really want and come to expect from you.

Knowing your target market well, their expectations as well as how they value your business offering, makes it easier to provide the service they expect – talking to your customers and hearing what they have to say about your business is so important to how your business develops.

How you communicate your business offering depends on which group of customers you are addressing. Not all customers behave the same, they interact differently with your business, depending on the service you offer them.

Knowing what you have on offer and how you want to do business is one thing. Then you need to know what your different types of customers expect – what do they perceive as the benefit to them, of engaging in business with you?

Come along to Busy Bee Networking meetings and benefit from shared business experiences and great marketing advice every time. for membership details follow the link

Maybe see you next Tuesday…?

Busy Bee Marketing Consultation – Review your business needs

Spotlight on your Business
From time to time we all need to turn a spotlight on our business, revisit our goals and revise our approach to achieving success, particularly as changes occur and new opportunities arise.

Busy Bee Marketing offers regular sessions where we review your business direction and identify your marketing needs. I act as a marketing sounding board while we look at the issues affecting your business. I take time to understand your business fully and help you find solutions to move forward and achieve success.

Whatever stage your business is at, everyone can benefit from taking stock and reviewing your goals. How does where you are now, compare with, where you want to be? We look at your Branding, your Target market and your Communications and we decide on actions points to move you forward and make improvements in your business.

‘If it ain’t broke, we don’t need to fix it!’
I suggest we only make changes where necessary! If there are areas of your business holding you back and wasting your valuable time, then we need to focus on these areas and make changes where we can.

As businesses develop, new opportunities arise that will hopefully expand your business offering. As new businesses we want to be flexible and open to all opportunities, but we need to be realistic and mindful of our business capabilities.
Some opportunities turn into great additions to our business and some, unfortunately, drain our time and resources and can damage our core business offering.
We need to realistically review all opportunities and ensure we are true to our brand values and continue to provide what our customers really want and need.

‘A stitch in time… regular reviews keep you in control!’
I suggest you take time to regularly review your business – this will ensure you don’t waste time and money in the long run, and you will feel fully in control of the direction your business takes. We can highlight problem areas quickly and make changes easily so you know where you stand and what you need to do to succeed!

I offer Busy Bee members a 90 minute marketing review session for just £45 – we review your business and focus on the issues that are most affecting it at that time – you should come away with a refreshed view of your business direction and an action plan that will help you get there!

Call me…
Contact me any time to discuss your marketing issues and I will help you clear the way to your business success.

Consider your own personal brand

So now might be the time to define your own personal Brand.

Starting your own business turns the light on you and what you do!

What is the personality of your new business? If you had to describe the character of your business in a few words what would you say? What do you want or need to tell your audience about your business to make them want to engage with it or to introduce you to their friends and family?

Be Real, Be honest and be authentic. Outline the experience you promise them if they engage in business with you, then deliver and improve your service whenever necessary!

Considering your own personal Brand – an exercise in defining your brand

‘Who’ is your business?

Describe your business identity and personality using a short description and highlighting qualities that illustrate your business.

Who does your business serve?

Describe the type(s) of customer(s) you work  for?

How do you do business with them?

What’s the experience you promise them and how do you intend to treat them?
Outline the ‘values’ that govern how you engage and work with your customers.

What benefits do they get from your business?

Consider what you are doing for your customer to satisfy their needs
Consider what they tell you, you are doing for them – their overall perceived benefit.
how do they value what you do for them ?

Summarise your personal Brand

After considering these elements of your business and your customers:

1) Summarise the description of your business offering, in a short paragraph (8 to 10 lines).
2) Extract a list of relevant Values that describe what you offer, how you do business, and the benefits to your customers.

‘Your Brand Values describe the heart of your business and help to build your brand personality. Your Brand Values govern how you do business and what your customers expect when they engage in business with you.’