The Power of Women in Business

power picAt this time of the year how many of you busy business women feel the pressure to jump straight out of the Christmas madness and charge into the new year with inflated power and purpose? And with all the discussion of setting goals and planning for growth, how many of you feel an added expectation to hit the ground running despite the challenges and changes you face? No wonder many of us feel frozen to the spot and unsure how to get started in 2018!

Instead of rushing in, maybe its a time to rekindle your power and slowly and thoughtfully charge up your plans… This season at Busy Bee Networking we’ll be working on your business and helping you to review and craft your vision for the future and focus on your next stage of growth; We’ll explore the changes to your business – your clients and the market you operate in; and finally we’ll work with you as you track progress of your goals over time and we’ll monitor what blocks you from achieving success and together we’ll develop strategies for achieving solid business growth.

Over the coming weeks we’ll focus on…

*The Power of Vision – setting goals and planning for growth

*The Power of Change – managing challenges and changes – learning and adapting to changing market and customer needs

*The Power of Growth – keeping track on achieving goals – what blocks progress and developing strategies for growth

Dates & Times:
Busy Bee Networking starts back in Hale on Tuesday 9th of January and Chorlton on the 16th of January.
follow up meetings Hale – 23rd January and 6th February
follow up meetings Chorlton – 30th January and 13th February

Everyone is welcome to join the Busy Bee Networking Members for any of the meetings – simply go to the event page and click on the PayPal button to pay and reserve your place – Just £10 per session for non-members – for more details email me on

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new Busy Bees in 2018 and helping lots of women running businesses around busy family lives – come and join us and we’ll get working on your business!

All the best for an amazing 2018

Lots of love

Caroline x
The Power of Women in Business VCG

Branding and Marketing your Business


At Busy Bee Networking – We’re going Back to basics : Branding and Marketing your business…
What comes first? chicken and egg? NO, your Brand always comes first!
You must consider your brand strategy before marketing, if not you run the risk of mixed messages, a confused image and no clear target market or Ideal Client… So its back to basics for us all!

“Branding is differentiating yourself. Marketing is getting people to see the difference.”

You'll find yourself

Part of your brand is determining who your ideal clients really are – who are your buyers, clients and customers? Knowing and understanding them, enables you to know where and how to reach them.

Branding – setting brand standards for YOU and YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER (values, attributes, needs and benefits)
Marketing – delivering the Perfect Message to your potential customers where you’re certain you will find them (using marketing channels that reach them). Your marketing content should match your brand standards and wherever your business name appears your brand should always be evident!

reaching your customers

1) your brand standards – BRANDING YOUR BUSINESS (your brand voice, image and standards)
2) Your brand standards – IDENTIFYING YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER (understanding your buyers persona and how to reach them)
3) Your marketing strategy – REACHING YOUR CUSTOMERS (perfect message in the right place & time)

Join us at Busy Bee Networking Meetings in Hale or Chorlton over the coming weeks
Branding and Marketing your business

Action Changes Things

‘It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference’, Tom Borkaw

Make a difference with your business 2

Talk to any small business owner in the bloom of their business and you’ll hear raw passion, inspiration and a definite desire to achieve. Many business owners I meet, tell me how they find themselves doing something they never really dreamed of doing but something they can’t imagine not doing! You just have to scratch the surface and sure enough you’ll find it’s no coincidence they do what they do.

Passion can motivate you to follow your dreams or answer a calling but running a business and being responsible for every decision can dull the edge or knock the wind out of your sails from time to time!

At Busy Bee Networking this season we are focussed on shining up your passion and reawakening your love affair with the business you run! We’re going to help you realign your motivation and direct all your efforts to making a difference, going the extra mile and delighting your customers by offering them the best customer service ever!

make a difference with your business 4

At the weekly sessions we will look at how you can go the extra mile and make a difference with your business and explore strategies for improving business activities and trying something new. Should you play it safe with your core business activities or explore alternatives? Are you up to speed with your customers’ changing needs, and how can you be sure they are delighted with the service you offer?

Remember it’s no coincidence you do what you do – so let’s shine up your passion for your business and make a difference, for you, your customers and the world you work in!

Make a Difference with your Business, push the boat out, go the extra mile and give great customer service!

Book your place at any of the upcoming events – members and non-members are always welcome.

You Make the difference 5

Looking forward to seeing you at a Busy Bee Networking meeting soon.

All the best,
Caroline Evers

Spotlight on your Business Success

Spotlight on your Business Success – Building on our Brand Credibility theme, this season we will focus on strengthening your Brand Image and encourage all the Bees to join the at Busy Bee Networking ‘Let’s Go Video’ Brand Credibility challenge!

spotlight effectYou get a chance to share your brand success stories face to face with the group and pull out your top five factors for business success! Join in the Brand Image discussion session – discuss the issues that hinder growth and help work in strategies to turn things around. This feedback and advice session is open to all the Busy Bees and other visiting business owners.

Busy Bee Networking - Offering Support, Direction and Connections for Success to Women Running Businesses around Busy Family Lives!


focus on Your-BrandWeek 1) Focus on your Brand Image – Brand Credibility Video Challenge.

‘When you focus on your strengths you make your weaknesses irrelevant’

After weeks working on your brand credibility and the great stories that carry your message to the heart of your target market – the Bees are taking on the ‘Let’s Go Video’ Brand Credibility challenge!

At this session you can review your brand credibility features and plan your stories & celebrate your Brand Image in 5 great videos!


Brand factorsWeek 2) 5 Factors for Success in Business – How Busy Bees do it Better :)

We all work hard to improve our businesses – whether you follow the advice of marketing gurus, get help of your mentors and coaches or network with some of the best business owners … We want to know what are your top 5 success factors?

Looking back on your business journey so far, what are the 5 factors that have led to your success and what would you advise others starting out on the road to business success?


success canWeek 3) Spotlight on your Business Success – Brand Image discussion session – Feedback and advice from all the Bees

Video review and business advice session for all the bees! Take your spot and share your brand image questions and other business issues with the rest of the group – Get all the help and advice you need to improve your brand credibility, image and communication style.

To book onto any session – check out the Busy Bee Networking events calendar


Show Off Your Brand Credibility

brand-on-the-wallThis season at Busy Bee Networking we’re encouraging you to ‘Show off your Brand Credibility’ and influence key individuals in your target market. Get your core message right and craft content that will engage, educate and entertain your target market. We’ll show you how to create stories that will influence information overloaded consumers, and encourage them to sit up and take notice of your business, once and for all!

Brand Credibility is built on the trust and confidence your ideal clients have in your brand, and your consistent response and high quality delivery. Offering a product or service rooted in authority, authenticity and transparency and delivered with empathy and real understanding of the needs of your clients, engenders trust and nurtures brand credibility. Listening you’re your clients and learning with them to deliver an outcome that they need and want, shows you are real, sincere and truly responsive to their needs within the your area of expertise.
It’s important to communicate what you offer in a clear and consistent way while outlining what you can, and will do, to achieve the outcome that best serves your clients. Knowing who they are and what they need is one thing but getting them to really trust you to deliver a quality service, is another. This is where influencers can help – focusing your marketing activities on key individuals that have influence over potential buyers can make it easier to get your trusted marketing message out to more of your target market.

brand-credibilityOver the coming Weeks at Busy Bee Networking meetings in Hale, Chorlton, Didsbury and Knutsford, we’ll focus on developing Brand credibility and crafting a marketing message that engages key influencers in your target market. We’ll focus on what ideal clients need to know about your business and help you to become a good story teller, crafting content that engages, educates and entertains more (information overloaded) potential customers!


confidenceatworkWeek 1)
Focus on your Ideal client and identify the Key Influencers in your target market. How do they, and can they drive business your way and help build your Brand credibility? Begin to describe their network of influence and become aware of how to best communicate with them.


brand-credibility-meter-1024x414Week 2)
Get your Core message right and decide what you want your target market to know and share about you and your business so you can begin to ‘Show off your Brand Credibility’. What does it take to engage, educate & entertain influencers and other potential customers?


BrandWeek 3)
Become a storyteller – learn to craft powerful content and create brand stories that get straight to the heart of your target market. Weaving in the qualities that illustrate why your clients trust you and believe in you, helps develop stories that demonstrate your value and truly influence your, information overloaded, customers!


Busy Bee Networking meets weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we welcome members and non-members to join us at any of these meetings. Members can attend all the meetings free of charge and non-members pay just £10* per session.
Contact for further information or check out the website for more details 

Practice makes Business Better

PracticePractice makes Business Better
It’s said that ‘Practice makes Perfect’ but in our everyday world I believe Practice makes us better at doing those things we don’t like doing, or those we avoid for as long as we can! Practice makes it easier to achieve the things we tell ourselves are difficult, Practice makes it easier to complete tasks we want to get done, and practice often makes it easier to choose new approaches or solutions rather than stick with the default ones we always use.

If-At-First-You-Dont-Succeed-Try-Try-Try-AgainSo the theme of the Busy Bee Networking season, from September to December 2016, is ‘PRACTICE’ and all things practical to help make our businesses work better. We’ll work together and encourage each other to practice and improve how we communicate our business offering and marketing message, to the world around us. We’re going to focus on how we can best achieve great results in line with our key business objectives.

maynotbethereFeRemember, We may not be there yet but with practice, we get closer than we were yesterday. We Move forward with options and choices and find new ways to do a better job – improved processes, create stronger content and clearer communication. We won’t give up when the going gets tough because, if at first you don’t succeed… we’ll encourage you to try, try again! The Busy Bees will be right there to offer advice, give you feedback and ensure your success – we’ll help you get better at everything you do on your way to your business goals!

blackboardWe’re holding a series of practical sessions focussing on improving communication skills and exploring marketing tools and encouraging you to ‘try it out’, practice and improve! In-session topics will be extended into online challenges where possible. Session Topics: Let’s go video – practising your video skills using Facebook Live, presentation skills – 5 minute in session presentations with group feedback, revisiting blogging and developing great content and following though with practice and feedback from the group, exploring SMART email marketing, engaging better on social media platforms INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK and social media time saving tips.

bb-networkingBusy Bee Networking meetings are held every second Tuesday during term time, in Hale (Altrincham) and Chorlton, and every second Thursday in Didsbury and NEW in Knutsford. Meetings are from 10am to midday and are open to members and non-members. Meetings begin again at Piccolino’s in Hale, on Tuesday 13th September at 10am.
Events Calendar

Busy Bee Networking Membership is just £75 a year and members can attend any and all meetings – there are many other benefits of membership listed on the membership page; Non-members pay just £10 per meeting (in advance) and can pay online, via the PayPal button on the chosen events page.

Just Be You

JUST BE YOUJust Be You, in everything you do and when faced with adversity – stay true to You!

It’s funny how ideas circle around and certain topics that require attention come up again and again until you acknowledge and address them. Well that’s been happening to me in the last few days.

Be True to You – It’s your business, run it your way
Advice is good but remember advice comes from another person’s perspective. Listening is good, adapting is good but replicating exactly what another business does, will more than likely not work the same way for you!

Failure is a Good Teacher
We all stumble and trip and learn from mistakes, and as a result, improve how we run our businesses – we get to the point when we realise we can trust ourselves, trust in our expertise and believe in our unique abilities. Once you harness that confidence you begin to ‘own’ your business and run it as you see fit!

We’re Passionate
Many of us set up businesses because we’re passionate about what we do and the drive to develop our services comes from a deep concern for our clients’ needs. so what we do is very closely wrapped up in who we are and what we care deeply about.

Be Prepared
It’s not so easy when someone questions what you do or criticises what you say or how you run your business. In those moments, it’s all too easy to lose sight of why you do what you do – it’s easy to be swayed by what others say you ‘should’ do.
We need to be ready, be prepared to take on the world – package up what we offer and stay true to who we are.

Do yourself a favour (now this is just advice & it works for me…)
Revisit the basics of your business and get your story straight – you know why you do what you do, what you’re passionate about and what drives you to work with your ideal clients. You know what they love about engaging in business with you and you know why they choose you over other options in the marketplace.

Listen to your heart, listen to your favourite clients and make it clear to the world what you do and why you do it your way. Own it, value it and believe in it! When you do this, you communicate with Confidence and Conviction AND you are prepared when someone questions you or criticises you. Your self-belief and self-assurance both protect you and guide you, as you respond.

Shoot for the stars
Taking a leaf from Naomi’s book (Naomi Gilmour, Branching Out Online) I think we are all super heroes – as business owners, we all can fly to the moon and shoot for the stars! But our super hero cape doesn’t just help us soar, it guards us in the certainty of who we are and why we choose to do what we do.

I started Busy Bee Networking because I love helping women find their voice, their certainty and their confidence. I can see it in the women I meet, I can hear it in what they say. They have passion, drive and dreams, and they have uncertainty too which gets worked out over time as they develop their offering and build up their business.

Women running businesses around busy family lives
I want to continue to offer women running businesses a friendly, safe and constructive environment in which to grow their business. I want to continue to see the changes that liberate the dreams and makes them a reality. But most of all I want to continue to see the support and generosity you show to each other as you all work to make a success of running your own businesses around a busy family life.

You run your business – do it your way, and get all the help you need along the way!



Sharing Good Habits for Successful Businesses

ROADTRIPSuccess breeds Success, and Passion drives Creativity, but many of us know that our businesses wouldn’t have got past GO without our consistent and reliable driving forces that kept us focused and directed towards our success!

Good Habits come in various forms. You just have to look at businesses you admire or business people you respect – and you’ll recognise recurring habits that ensure they move forward and achieve success, the way they want it!

Self Bee-lief and Passion will drive you to where you want to Bee!
This week I spent time with recent graduates from MMU who were looking for advice and tips on how to best set up their businesses – well, I have to say… the Bees have it - we’ve been mulling over Good habits of Successful Businesses and sharing our own good habits – so here’s some ideas to help new businesses on their way!

successful habits 2‘Ruthless Routines and advance planning sets you up to succeed’ Julia Rice, Impkiss

‘Self Belief is at the heart of success’ Paula McGuire, Juice Plus

‘Authenticity & Passion drives you to where you want to be’ Janet Long, Rainbow Healing Therapies

‘Consistency and focussing your time on profitable activities’ ‘Self Development and continual improvement’ Beatrice Bowyer, Healthy Bea Forever Living

‘Pay it Forward – Treat people as you’d like to be treated, share information and help others’ Kirsty James, Colony Networking & KJBS

‘Deliver on your promises and go the extra mile – it’s the small things that make a difference to people & show respect’ Jennifer Hood, Platinum IFS

‘Consistency of service, a helpful attitude and reliable follow-up’ Amanda Manson, Orderly Office & Home

‘Be mindful of the language you use with customers’ ‘Set a standard for yourself and those around you – define the quality you want to deliver and are willing to accept for you and your business’ Claire McPherson, Tall Poppies

‘Find a balance in how you run your business – take care of yourself and you can take care of your customers, providing individual care’ Jeed Barry, Luxury Pampering

‘Be determined to succeed, Believe in your dream, set your standards and make it happen!’ Risonete Day, Venha Brilhar – Hair Salon

good habits 1‘Follow your Passion, Differentiate yourself and be a good role model’ Amanda Ellwood, Eat Yourself Well

‘Be determined, Believe in your ability to succeed, Offer reliable service and be mindful of your reputation’ Tanya Simister, Total Justice Solutions

‘Excellent contact management – make an effort to stay in touch with those you meet and develop a database of relevant contacts for your business’ Sue Bates, Juice Plus

‘Offer good customer service, communicate clearly, respond promptly & follow-up’ Catherine McKinnon, Pink Spaghetti

‘Manage your time, make clear plans for your week, make progress and move forward’ Tracey Hopkins, The business Start-up Coach

‘Work IN the business and ON the business – pay attention to detail and take time to find perfect solutions – communicate regularly with your clients – Follow-up!!!’ Rachel Hutchinson, Patch Memories

‘Maintain a desire to learn & keep improving the experience for yourself and your customers. Keep up with changes as they happen!’ Katherine Butler – Magic Pony Films

‘Find your Balance – don’t let your business control your life – trust your gut – It’s OK to Step Away!’ Caroline Evers Busy Bee Networking & Express Success Marketing

What Good Habits ensure your Business Success – please share your good habits for successful businesses so we can all improve and excel!

Caroline head2For Busy Bee Networking members’ contact details – please go to the Members Page

Caroline x

Sharing Good Habits for Successful Businesses

Creative Marketing For Small Businesses

Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange
…is part of Busy Bee Networking, a networking group for women running businesses around busy family lives, based in Cheshire and South Manchester. We are running a series of Creative Marketing Brainstorming sessions for women running small businesses in this area.

It’s time to get Creative at Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange – making marketing simple for small businesses. The first meeting after the summer is on the 4th of September, 10am at the Lead Station, Beech Road in Chorlton.

CreativeMindBe different, be creative and be unique – let’s push the boundaries of creative thinking in a series of creative brainstorming sessions to help you improve your business offering, your communication methods and strategies for finding new customers!

We’re turning things on their head and looking for creative ways to market our businesses so we stand out from the crowd and get noticed by our ideal customers. Benefit from everyone’s perspective and dare to reek of uniqueness. Consider, Explore and Implement something new and creative and check out the results….

Egg-Solar-System-Creative-Picture-2864In a series of Creative brainstorming sessions we’ll explore, share and suggest interesting options for marketing each other’s business. We’ll crack the lid off the conservative theory that there’s only one way to market your business. We’ll all get a chance to throw our marketing issues into the pot but only one business will get the full treatment each week. So get in and book your slot and let the rest of us help you get creative – all you have to do is be willing to try something different and see how you get on. We’ll have a report back session on the last week (week 7) and see what has changed – your attitude to your business, your approach to marketing, your bank balance…? come back and tell us all about it :)

ideasFormat – Group introductions – Topic launch – business profile with focus on how they handle the topic of the day – group input/brainstorming on profiled business – breakout groups to get more creative and share thoughts on creative options for each other’s businesses. To sign up for one or all of the sessions or to have your business profiled at one of the Creative Brainstorming sessions at Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange – Email


wow-factor-510Week 1 kicks off with Creative case studies – who stands out from the crowd and what do they do to get their message out there AND win business!





Week 2 Get creative with your business offering – what do you do or could you do differently (products or services) to delight your customers and blow their socks off so they’ll never forget you!




creativetargettingWeek 3 Get creative with your targeting – who are you overlooking in the market place? what do you offer that could change the lives of someone you never even considered? We say focus and target but are we focussing on the wrong customers? do we have something we’re not telling them about? Let’s explore your customers and hear about their creative take on your business.



lemonade+standWeek 4 Get creative with your communication – new innovative approaches and adaptations of PR, advertising, endorsements – what’s new different and doesn’t cost the earth – what can every small business afford to do differently to get the attention of their ideal customers???



try-something-newWeek 5 Get creative with winning new business – get outside your comfortable network of lovely contacts – how can we leverage off our connections, our satisfied customers and our family and friends. Who do we meet every day that knows nothing about our business? why?




onlinecreativeWeek 6 Online Creativity, get it! – who’s doing what you want to do? Who isn’t and why aren’t you? what would work online for your business that works really well for completely different businesses?… get my drift? let’s brainstorm and get creative online NOW!




win new businessWeek 7 How creative did you get? What did you do? share your tales of Creativity from the last 7 weeks and tell us how it felt and what happened – get creative in your story telling – surprise us with your results – your epic fails and your magnificent successes – let’s all learn and GROW from each other’s creative approach to marketing our business!



BusyBeeCHORLTONNEW to Busy Bee Networking? Want to attend?
Click on individual events for details.

OFFER – Pay £60 now to attend ALL 7 sessions for the price of 6 (£10 per session for non-members) OR sign-up now to become a NEW Busy Bee Member same price and you get all the benefits of membership thrown in


REMEMBER – let me know if you want your business profiled at one of the Creative Brainstorming sessions – LIMITED PLACES! Email

Small Business Marketing

at the chairDo you have a clear direction for the future of your business?

Are you a Small Business owner who’s struggling to make it work?

You’ve got the vision and the know-how – you’ve got the dream. You’ve been through the excitement of getting your business set up but your energy is flagging and you’re not too sure anymore??

I’ve been there and I know how it feels, and believe me this feeling will pass!

I can help you get the belief back and together we can find the way to get your success story back on track!

Your business success depends on a few things
1) You being clear on what you offer to the world. 
2) Your offering matching with the needs of a particular customer type.
3) Knowing what they need and value, what they get out of the experience of engaging with You.
4) You believing you can do it – that what you do, does it for your customers, that you are the expert who can confidently convince them of this truth, and show them again and again that this is so.

It’s not magic but it is a lot about knowing and believing in your business offering, knowing your customers trust and believe they will get what they need from you, and knowing where the connection works – that is believing in your niche and not being tempted to venture too far outside it to the lure of ‘winning more business…’

So what can I do…? where can I help?
I can help you review your offering and pick out the real (key) strengths and passions as we go.
I can help you identify and describe your real customers (lock) – what they need from you and what you can deliver to them with conviction and self-belief (confidence).
I can help you build a bridge between you and your customers (communicate clearly) using words, ideas and media to help them understand (realise) that you get them, that you can resolve their needs more perfectly than any other offering in the market place – (remember) You’re not for everyone – you’re for your real (not ideal… real!) customers.

Where are you right now?
Are you stuck at the beginning, middle or what seems like the end?
Are you getting freaked out by the number of other businesses that seem to be offering the ‘same’ as you?
Are you rapidly losing confidence in the dream you so passionately believed in just a short while ago?
Are you wondering… ‘will I ever make this business work?’

Since I started working with women running their own businesses I have seen a familiar pattern in myself and in many business owners along the way.
We can surge with passion and self-belief – we know that we made it happen in our corporate or professional lives before this – we shone like stars in the organisation because we believed we could do it and we determinedly made our way.

I’ve seen strong successful business women overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ they believe they have to do every day just to get their business moving – I’ve seen them lose their way and doubt what they thought was such a great business idea – all this, while caught up in the middle of making it happen – THE GOOD NEWS… I’ve also seen them come through this stage – let’s call it ‘the cloud’ – and when they come out of ‘the cloud’ something crucial has changed – They have renewed self-belief, self-trust, self-awareness, self-knowledge, a sense of true purpose and a determination to persevere – they gain a renewed belief in their business because they now truly believe in what they, as the vital part of their business, do for their customers.

It’s the psychology of running your own business and it takes a lot of self-belief and hard work to make it succeed.

So how can we make it work for you?
I will help you review your offering and focus your efforts on a business built on your strengths, passion and experience.
I will help you identify and describe your true customers – understand what they need from you and what you deliver to them with conviction and self-belief – tried & tested, it works!
I will help you build the bridge between you and your customers by crafting a clear marketing message and positioning statement that leaves no doubt in your customers’ mind that you are the right business for them AND no doubt in your mind what your business is all about – setting a clear direction for the future of your business.

So you will know….
Who you are
Who they are
How to tell them
How to proceed
Simples… 

Can I help you find a clear direction for your business…?
Call me – 07870601168