Busy Bee Tuesday ‘Drop-in’ meetings are a bit of a tradition…

Since December 2008 local women running businesses have been dropping into the weekly Busy Bee Networking meetings. Tuesday mornings have become a bit of a Busy Bee tradition, and every week busy women entrepreneurs stop by to share their experiences, ask for assistance or chill with like-minded business women in our local area.

At Busy Bee we encourage women to think clearly about their branding, their targeting and their communication. Being clear from the outset helps you channel your energies into delivering the business offering your customers really want and come to expect from you.

Knowing your target market well, their expectations as well as how they value your business offering, makes it easier to provide the service they expect – talking to your customers and hearing what they have to say about your business is so important to how your business develops.

How you communicate your business offering depends on which group of customers you are addressing. Not all customers behave the same, they interact differently with your business, depending on the service you offer them.

Knowing what you have on offer and how you want to do business is one thing. Then you need to know what your different types of customers expect – what do they perceive as the benefit to them, of engaging in business with you?

Come along to Busy Bee Networking meetings and benefit from shared business experiences and great marketing advice every time. for membership details follow the link http://busy-bee-networking.co.uk/become-a-member/

Maybe see you next Tuesday…?

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