Busy Bee Networking weekly meeting

The first Busy Bee Networking meeting after the summer is the 9th of September, 10 am at the Hale Kitchen & Bar – so what’s going on…?

1) Catch-up – First day back and what have you been up to? tell the Bees :)
2) Hook up - Get Networking, our September sessions get record numbers :)
3) Shake it up – Big Seasonal brainstorming session – mixing up old and new plans & getting everything lined up for a very busy time of year!

Yay! can’t wait to see you all :)

Free for Busy Bee Altrincham members
£10 drop-in for non members
£5 for other visiting Busy Bee members
All payments to be made in advance please or contact caroline@busy-bee-networking.co.uk

Busy Bee Networking meetings for women who run businesses around busy family lives – if you are an ex corporate or professional woman running a small business in Cheshire or south Manchester then come along and join us for a relaxed and professional networking. We offer all the support, direction and the right connections to help make your business a BIG success – This is a great time of year to come and meet the Busy Bees

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