Brand Psychology – your Business, you choose!

Brands, brands everywhere! The market is littered with all kinds of brands – easily recognisable; easy to describe what they offer; easy to describe who buys them…They’re pretty consistent – communicate in same style and personality and their customers have the same expectations of them every time…


Branding is BIG Business
All businesses need a clear understanding of what they stand for, so… everyone on board behaves in a way that suits or matches the brand.
They deliver a ‘united force’, a consistent image for that business.
Everyone involved knows what they offer to their customers and they know clearly who their customers are! Their customers also understand what’s on offer and what to expect when they engage with that business – what they’re getting and how it all works – no surprises there!

Brand Personality
Brands are described as having a personality, style or image. They can be described using words that personalise them and endear them to their customers.
Customer satisfaction can be described as personal needs satisfied – perceived benefits, unique to a group of customers.

‘People do Business with People’
Businesses hire certain ‘types’ of people that match their brand character, their values and their style.

Running your own business… is no different!
We need to be clear about what we stand for – What we offer, How we do business

Our Customers need to understand what they will get, the experience we promise them when they engage with us AND they need to believe their needs will be satisfied!

STILL TRUE….People do business with People!

Our Customers buy into our Personal Brand – Our unique offering, our values and the experience we promise.

We need to understand what it is that OUR customers find compelling and be true to our values at the same time – we need to be AUTHENTIC.

Communicate consistently what you offer and what you stand for – manage the impact you have on the market.

It’s a 2 sided exchange…

Your side
Knowing, defining, owning who you are and what you offer
Being consistent and Clear in all your communications across all platforms.

Market side
How customers perceive you – your reputation in the market
How you impact the market – what you are delivering to the market place.

Manage your impact on the Market?
Understand your customers and what they find ‘compelling’ about you and your business, as well as what they perceive to be the benefit of doing business with you!!

Understanding the needs of the consumer, the reasons they choose your business, your brand.

Be authentic and true to your business offering and your values.

Be consistent in your communications.

Define and Own
Once you have defined and accepted what your business offers and how you work, the issues you satisfy, the benefits you offer your customers….

Then you keep it consistent – the more authentic and true to your passion and your strengths, the more authentically consistent your communications will be.

You will manage your impact on the market, you will deliver what your customers expect.

The Branding Psychology

Louise Mowbray (Mowbray By Design) talks about Conscious self-awareness, Conscious Self-management, consciously causing the effect…

People buy from people on an emotional level – when we understand what others find compelling about us and our business, we tend to deliver more of this and less of the stuff they don’t value!

So… Know yourself, know your business, know your customer, know how you impact the market and communicate consistently.

Authenticity in Business
It’s no coincidence we do what we do – It’s no coincidence we choose to run our businesses the way we do – It’s no coincidence we choose to work with the people we do.

So TRUST your way of doing things, trust your motivation and trust yourself…. when it feels right and when it feels wrong…

As small businesses, don’t try to be everything to everyone…

Explore opportunities but be mindful of the impact of new ‘projects’ on your business.

It’s Your Business – You Choose!

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