Branding and Marketing your Business


At Busy Bee Networking – We’re going Back to basics : Branding and Marketing your business…
What comes first? chicken and egg? NO, your Brand always comes first!
You must consider your brand strategy before marketing, if not you run the risk of mixed messages, a confused image and no clear target market or Ideal Client… So its back to basics for us all!

“Branding is differentiating yourself. Marketing is getting people to see the difference.”

You'll find yourself

Part of your brand is determining who your ideal clients really are – who are your buyers, clients and customers? Knowing and understanding them, enables you to know where and how to reach them.

Branding – setting brand standards for YOU and YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER (values, attributes, needs and benefits)
Marketing – delivering the Perfect Message to your potential customers where you’re certain you will find them (using marketing channels that reach them). Your marketing content should match your brand standards and wherever your business name appears your brand should always be evident!

reaching your customers

1) your brand standards – BRANDING YOUR BUSINESS (your brand voice, image and standards)
2) Your brand standards – IDENTIFYING YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER (understanding your buyers persona and how to reach them)
3) Your marketing strategy – REACHING YOUR CUSTOMERS (perfect message in the right place & time)

Join us at Busy Bee Networking Meetings in Hale or Chorlton over the coming weeks
Branding and Marketing your business

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