Where do we go from here?

bigwhereThe Bumps in the Road….

Wherever you’re at in building your business there’s almost always a fork in the road. Decisions and choices are an everyday challenge and, when you run your own business the buck ultimately stops with you!

When the ‘start-up’ excitement subsides and the distraction of concept creation fades, you could be left with a business that’s running on empty waiting for clients to flood you with an abundance of orders, while you hardly even break a sweat!

That’s when you can get bitten by the ‘should’ bug – you should be spending more time networking, should be posting your prices on your website, you should be on twitter more, boosting posts and creating Facebook ads, completing your profile on LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, posting videos, hosting webinars, podcasts…. should, should, should – bitten!


Now is the time to launch your business for real – launch the ship and make it happen – stop waiting for the perfect time to be a success – as someone once said – Just Do It! Remember what you wanted to do with your business when you set it up – remember you had the ideas and energy – well, you still have, but it’s all too easy to think everyone else is doing it soooo much better! They’re not!

This is the challenging time for those of us running our own business and trying to make it pay! Opportunities come round again and again and there will be no perfect time to jump on board – we’ll only learn from trying – so go for it!

Running your own business is the trip of a lifetime – this is it – feel the exhilaration and do it anyway! This is your chance to take your dream and shoot for the stars and all you have to do is package and replicate – package up your offering, stake your claim to your business expertise and begin to replicate your offering again and again, to those ideal clients who are getting to know, love and trust you!

Sure, stuff can go wrong – don’t freak out, you’re not a failure – you are good enough – remember you are a brave pioneer breaking new ground – doing it your way – it’s OK !!

There is no rule book! It’s your mind-set that will bring you Success so don’t give up the fight – create new rules, change the rules, get rid of the rules – just trust yourself and believe you’re perfectly equipped to do it. So much about starting and running your own business is about believing you can do it – when the energy and excitement wanes, keep your eye on what you set out to achieve and remind yourself, why!?

so where do you go from here?

Package and Replicate with confidence. Gather up all the experience you’ve gained from day one, and Stake your Claim to your unique business offering (your unique BO!). Ditch the dead-end services you offered at the request of less than ideal clients and go with those that you believe in. Begin to communicate with confidence and conviction and once and for all learn to say NO!

Focus on your Ideal Client. Ready? Aim, fire – define and refine – accept who they are! You know the clients you want to work with and you know those that pull on your time, your skills and your bank balance, so really learn to say NO and refer them on to a grateful associate. Move out from the circle of only doing business with friends and family and start to focus on the new ideal clients that just haven’t met you yet. Start to market ‘you’ to the ‘unknown’ new ideal clients out there, waiting to pick up your scent!

Go to where they are… Now choose what you need to do to find them (not what others tell you, you should do!!). Match up your offering with the needs of your ideal clients – know what they value and where they spend their time – search them out and let them know what you’ve got to offer. Use your shared language to help them recognise you understand their needs. Let them know what they’ll experience when they engage in business with you.

Remember the confidence and conviction – you’ve done this many times before – you’ve offered and delivered solutions to many clients just like these new ones. You’re the expert in your field and you know your business well, you believe in what you offer. Your ideal clients, old and knew ‘get’ that from your communications – your website, blogs, posts, etc. Wherever they come into contact with you, they get the same consistent package, and they love businesses like yours, that they can trust to reliably deliver again and again.

This is it…. Package up your offering, get rid of the dross, focus on your position in the vast expanse that is the market place – know where you’re aiming for, and shoot for the stars – it’s all there for you, for the taking!

Extract from – ‘Messages for the reluctant pioneer’ (aka the launch junkie!)

The bumps in the road to marketing your business – Express Success Marketing Mentoring

View the LinkedIn Post - Where do we go from here?

Closing Sales and Winning Business

Ask any small business owner and they’ll tell you all the things they love about running their own business, but equally there’ll be a list of ‘dislikes’ that include…. SALES and SELLING. Whatever small business owners tell us, ‘Selling’ is often near the top of the list! Many woman business owners I come into contact with, find it particularly challenging BUT closing sales and winning business simply has to be done!

Have you ever been ‘oh so close…’ and then, you lose the sale – the client walks away with no commitment and you get that sinking feeling that they won’t be back….
Clarity in communicating your offering and a clear focus on your ideal client is vitally important, but how do you close the sale when you getting so close…?

Two Businesswomen Shaking Hands In Modern OfficeAt Busy Bee Networking we’re back to Business as usual with 3 meetings every week at Hale, Chorlton and Northwich – The focus for the next 6 weeks is on ‘Closing that Sale & Winning business’ – Sales, selling techniques and strategies for ensuring client buy-in and commitment are all included. We will analyse the problems and come up with solutions and hopefully each person will discover a few good techniques they can put into practice immediately and start winning more business!

We kick off with our meeting in Hale reviewing the issues we have with ‘selling’ and investigating solutions and strategies to improve our chances of closing sales more effectively and winning more business!

We’ll continue in more detail over the following weeks in CHORLTON and Northwich uncovering the issues that stop us from closing sales and devise practical solutions to improve our chances of winning business from now onwards!

relax n sellSESSION 1 – Getting in the mood to sell!
Authenticity, expertise & clarifying what our clients need.
Thursday 26th Feb. CHORLTON & Friday 27th Feb. Northwich




sell fast

SESSION 2 – Selling techniques and recognising the ‘buying signals’.
Listening, watching and closing the sale!
Thursday 5th March CHORLTON & Friday 6th March Northwich




toolsSESSION 3 – Tools to help you close a sale.
convert their interest into intent – Paint a picture of the experience they’ll get when they engage in business with you – get them signing on the dotted line…
Thursday 12th March CHORLTON & Friday 13th March Northwich



weSESSION 4 – Building a Buying Relationship
Creating client ‘buy-in’ – loyalty, repeat purchases, nurturing the relationship
Thursday 19th March CHORLTON & Friday 20th March Northwich




expectationsSESSION 5 – Managing Expectations & encouraging commitment
Terms & conditions, chargeable hours, stages of delivery
Thursday 26th March CHORLTON & Friday 27th March Northwich




yougetitrightSESSION 6 – The Key to closing sales and winning business
Sharing our learnings and conclusions – trial and error, business choices.
Individual case studies – what’s working for you?
Thursday 2nd April CHORLTON & Friday 3rd April Northwich

Get Maximum Exposure for your business in 2015

We can perfect our performance til the cows come home, fine tune our business offering til we’re blue in the face and clarify our brand image til it’s picture perfect… but if we don’t get exposure to the right customers then we remain the best kept secret in town!

This season at Busy Bee CHORLTON, we’ll be looking at how to achieve maximum exposure for your business. We’ll explore the tools, methods and vehicles available to open up our businesses to our ideal clients and figure out the mix that gives you Maximum Exposure to your ideal customers, again and again.

Over the coming weeks we’ll explore the best ways to open up your business to a world of ideal clients who just haven’t heard about you yet!

flowers exposed to lightThursday 8th January :

what gives you maximum exposure for your business right now? Let’s see where are we’re starting from so we can track how far we travel over the coming weeks.

At a time of Goal Setting, what works for you? what would you love to try? what do you think is possible? how far do you want to go?



social media disco ballThursday 15th January :  Blogging and Magnetic online engagement – If our content is spot on and we know who our ideal customers really are… then how do we get them to read and engage with us?

How do we get maximum value from our sweat and blood branded content? how do we win the hearts and eyes of lots of new potential customer and increase our business using all the online tools and tricks at our disposal?



tube videosThursday 22nd January : The Power of Videos, Webinars & Podcasts – Jump into the world of videos, webinars and podcasts and out of our online comfort zone of blogging and posting. What are the practical guidelines and pitfalls to be avoided? How do we nurture a huge following, continually engage them and convince potential clients to trust in our business offering?


yougetitrightThursday 29th January : Networking, Engaging and Magnetic Face to Face capture.

Spread the word everywhere you go and give everyone the chance to recommend you to their network of contacts. Engage your audience and give them something to remember you by.

Capture the power of face to face contact and make it work for you!



you've got mailThursday 5th February : Direct Contact – Email Marketing, texting, calling etc.

You’ve got mail! Get right in front of potential clients and get them to respond. Craft clear content that travels well and stays in line with your business offering. Develop a trusting relationship and be the first they call upon when they are in need!



tvradioprintThursday 12th February :

TV, Radio, Print – become a media Expert and expose yourself and your business to a new world of opportunities and potential clients.

PENNY HASLAM is sharing her expertise with us once again!!!



PennyPenny will introduce her concept of Expert Women – PHEW and guide you as you work out your own areas of expertise.

Penny offers directions straight to the doors of broadcasters and tips on becoming valuable expert contributors on subjects and issues relevant to your business and life experience.

Everyone is welcome to come along to Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange, making marketing simple for small business owners! Meetings are held 10am every Thursday, upstairs at the Lead Station. Click on the dates you want to attend and please make payments via PayPal in advance of the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!



Networking in Manchester and Cheshire

Busy Bee Networking is Buzzing and it’s time to get involved. Busy Bee Networking is for women running businesses around busy family lives – get all the support, direction and the right connections for success!

BusyBeeNORTHWICHThere’s the Busy Bee Networking Northwich Launch on November 7th. Busy Bee Networking is heading to Northwich. the Launch meeting will be 10am, Friday 7th of November at Hartford Hall. Meetings will be held every Friday during term time.



bb-meganetworkingThe Busy Bee MEGA Networking Evening on the 26th November in Sale. A Busy Bee MEGA evening of Networking and Inspiration – PENNY HASLAM of PHEW will deliver a talk on ‘Being Expert’ to motivate and inspire us to keep doing what we do best!



christmas busy BeeThe Busy Bee Networking Christmas Lunch, December 16th at the Hale Kitchen & Bar. Busy Bee Networking Festive Lunch is on Tuesday December 16th, 11am at The Hale Kitchen & Bar. Busy Bee Hale, Chorlton and Northwich Bees are swarming together for this event.



bb-networkingBusy Bee Networking in Hale starts back on Tuesday 4th of November at 10am. We meet weekly at the Hale Kitchen and Bar in the heart of Hale. Grab a coffee and get involved in the open networking session from 10am to 10.30, share your business story as we go around the room meeting everyone – it all flows from there, speakers, discussions, spotlight on your business and much more…



BusyBeeCHORLTONBusy Bee CHORLTON - Marketing Exchange on Thursday 6th of November. Let the Planning season begin – review your business and take a look at where you are taking it for the next year. We’re prepping for 2015 – reviewing our goals and putting in place the best marketing plan to help us succeed.



Members and non-members are welcome to attend any event so feel free to come along anytime and meet the Bees. Keep checking the Busy Bee Events Calendar for venues and payment options – hope to see you soon!

Caroline x

bb-franchising500You can build a thriving Busy Bee Network in your area – Busy Bee Franchising offers you the opportunity to set up and run a Busy Bee Networking group in your area alongside your existing business. Help other small businesses set up and succeed and watch your own business grow and grow!


Creative Marketing For Small Businesses

Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange
…is part of Busy Bee Networking, a networking group for women running businesses around busy family lives, based in Cheshire and South Manchester. We are running a series of Creative Marketing Brainstorming sessions for women running small businesses in this area.

It’s time to get Creative at Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange – making marketing simple for small businesses. The first meeting after the summer is on the 4th of September, 10am at the Lead Station, Beech Road in Chorlton.

CreativeMindBe different, be creative and be unique – let’s push the boundaries of creative thinking in a series of creative brainstorming sessions to help you improve your business offering, your communication methods and strategies for finding new customers!

We’re turning things on their head and looking for creative ways to market our businesses so we stand out from the crowd and get noticed by our ideal customers. Benefit from everyone’s perspective and dare to reek of uniqueness. Consider, Explore and Implement something new and creative and check out the results….

Egg-Solar-System-Creative-Picture-2864In a series of Creative brainstorming sessions we’ll explore, share and suggest interesting options for marketing each other’s business. We’ll crack the lid off the conservative theory that there’s only one way to market your business. We’ll all get a chance to throw our marketing issues into the pot but only one business will get the full treatment each week. So get in and book your slot and let the rest of us help you get creative – all you have to do is be willing to try something different and see how you get on. We’ll have a report back session on the last week (week 7) and see what has changed – your attitude to your business, your approach to marketing, your bank balance…? come back and tell us all about it :)

ideasFormat – Group introductions – Topic launch – business profile with focus on how they handle the topic of the day – group input/brainstorming on profiled business – breakout groups to get more creative and share thoughts on creative options for each other’s businesses. To sign up for one or all of the sessions or to have your business profiled at one of the Creative Brainstorming sessions at Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange – Email caroline@busy-bee-networking.co.uk


wow-factor-510Week 1 kicks off with Creative case studies – who stands out from the crowd and what do they do to get their message out there AND win business!





Week 2 Get creative with your business offering – what do you do or could you do differently (products or services) to delight your customers and blow their socks off so they’ll never forget you!




creativetargettingWeek 3 Get creative with your targeting – who are you overlooking in the market place? what do you offer that could change the lives of someone you never even considered? We say focus and target but are we focussing on the wrong customers? do we have something we’re not telling them about? Let’s explore your customers and hear about their creative take on your business.



lemonade+standWeek 4 Get creative with your communication – new innovative approaches and adaptations of PR, advertising, endorsements – what’s new different and doesn’t cost the earth – what can every small business afford to do differently to get the attention of their ideal customers???



try-something-newWeek 5 Get creative with winning new business – get outside your comfortable network of lovely contacts – how can we leverage off our connections, our satisfied customers and our family and friends. Who do we meet every day that knows nothing about our business? why?




onlinecreativeWeek 6 Online Creativity, get it! – who’s doing what you want to do? Who isn’t and why aren’t you? what would work online for your business that works really well for completely different businesses?… get my drift? let’s brainstorm and get creative online NOW!




win new businessWeek 7 How creative did you get? What did you do? share your tales of Creativity from the last 7 weeks and tell us how it felt and what happened – get creative in your story telling – surprise us with your results – your epic fails and your magnificent successes – let’s all learn and GROW from each other’s creative approach to marketing our business!



BusyBeeCHORLTONNEW to Busy Bee Networking? Want to attend?
Click on individual events for details.

OFFER – Pay £60 now to attend ALL 7 sessions for the price of 6 (£10 per session for non-members) OR sign-up now to become a NEW Busy Bee Member same price and you get all the benefits of membership thrown in


REMEMBER – let me know if you want your business profiled at one of the Creative Brainstorming sessions – LIMITED PLACES! Email caroline@busy-bee-networking.co.uk

Busy Bee Networking weekly meeting

The first Busy Bee Networking meeting after the summer is the 9th of September, 10 am at the Hale Kitchen & Bar – so what’s going on…?

1) Catch-up – First day back and what have you been up to? tell the Bees :)
2) Hook up - Get Networking, our September sessions get record numbers :)
3) Shake it up – Big Seasonal brainstorming session – mixing up old and new plans & getting everything lined up for a very busy time of year!

Yay! can’t wait to see you all :)

Free for Busy Bee Altrincham members
£10 drop-in for non members
£5 for other visiting Busy Bee members
All payments to be made in advance please or contact caroline@busy-bee-networking.co.uk

Busy Bee Networking meetings for women who run businesses around busy family lives – if you are an ex corporate or professional woman running a small business in Cheshire or south Manchester then come along and join us for a relaxed and professional networking. We offer all the support, direction and the right connections to help make your business a BIG success – This is a great time of year to come and meet the Busy Bees

Small Business Marketing

at the chairDo you have a clear direction for the future of your business?

Are you a Small Business owner who’s struggling to make it work?

You’ve got the vision and the know-how – you’ve got the dream. You’ve been through the excitement of getting your business set up but your energy is flagging and you’re not too sure anymore??

I’ve been there and I know how it feels, and believe me this feeling will pass!

I can help you get the belief back and together we can find the way to get your success story back on track!

Your business success depends on a few things
1) You being clear on what you offer to the world. 
2) Your offering matching with the needs of a particular customer type.
3) Knowing what they need and value, what they get out of the experience of engaging with You.
4) You believing you can do it – that what you do, does it for your customers, that you are the expert who can confidently convince them of this truth, and show them again and again that this is so.

It’s not magic but it is a lot about knowing and believing in your business offering, knowing your customers trust and believe they will get what they need from you, and knowing where the connection works – that is believing in your niche and not being tempted to venture too far outside it to the lure of ‘winning more business…’

So what can I do…? where can I help?
I can help you review your offering and pick out the real (key) strengths and passions as we go.
I can help you identify and describe your real customers (lock) – what they need from you and what you can deliver to them with conviction and self-belief (confidence).
I can help you build a bridge between you and your customers (communicate clearly) using words, ideas and media to help them understand (realise) that you get them, that you can resolve their needs more perfectly than any other offering in the market place – (remember) You’re not for everyone – you’re for your real (not ideal… real!) customers.

Where are you right now?
Are you stuck at the beginning, middle or what seems like the end?
Are you getting freaked out by the number of other businesses that seem to be offering the ‘same’ as you?
Are you rapidly losing confidence in the dream you so passionately believed in just a short while ago?
Are you wondering… ‘will I ever make this business work?’

Since I started working with women running their own businesses I have seen a familiar pattern in myself and in many business owners along the way.
We can surge with passion and self-belief – we know that we made it happen in our corporate or professional lives before this – we shone like stars in the organisation because we believed we could do it and we determinedly made our way.

I’ve seen strong successful business women overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ they believe they have to do every day just to get their business moving – I’ve seen them lose their way and doubt what they thought was such a great business idea – all this, while caught up in the middle of making it happen – THE GOOD NEWS… I’ve also seen them come through this stage – let’s call it ‘the cloud’ – and when they come out of ‘the cloud’ something crucial has changed – They have renewed self-belief, self-trust, self-awareness, self-knowledge, a sense of true purpose and a determination to persevere – they gain a renewed belief in their business because they now truly believe in what they, as the vital part of their business, do for their customers.

It’s the psychology of running your own business and it takes a lot of self-belief and hard work to make it succeed.

So how can we make it work for you?
I will help you review your offering and focus your efforts on a business built on your strengths, passion and experience.
I will help you identify and describe your true customers – understand what they need from you and what you deliver to them with conviction and self-belief – tried & tested, it works!
I will help you build the bridge between you and your customers by crafting a clear marketing message and positioning statement that leaves no doubt in your customers’ mind that you are the right business for them AND no doubt in your mind what your business is all about – setting a clear direction for the future of your business.

So you will know….
Who you are
Who they are
How to tell them
How to proceed
Simples… 

Can I help you find a clear direction for your business…?
Call me – 07870601168

Selling tips for small businesses

So… what is your unique selling style?

sellingIt’s ‘Selling Season’ at Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange. A new season of Marketing sessions began yesterday in Chorlton with Selling tips for small businesses.

Using Malcolm Gladwell’s descriptions from his book The Tipping Point, we looked at the 3 special types of people that can impact the success of our businesses. Connectors, Mavens and Salespeople all work differently to help our business succeed!


Connectors have a very special gift of bringing people together, they are fantastic at expanding our network and putting us in touch with people that fit with our business.

Mavens are the helpers in the marketplace – they know lots about different products and services and they like to direct people to the right solution for their needs – They help connect us to our market.

Salespeople have a skill to persuade us when we are unconvinced and they are the people who will look at our business and make suggestions that help us ‘monitize’ – (eh!) make money :)

Try to identify yourself in these 3 types and then look at how this influences your selling style. Do you depend on building a relationship and developing a close rapport or use a technical problem solving approach, an account servicing approach, a more assertive selling style or business partnering style?

We all use a combination of selling styles that fit with who we are – solving customers problems and building relationships as we go or cultivating a relationship and getting to know our customers’ needs while developing new or customised solutions, and so on…

As small business owners we’re responsible for the lot – we are the expert, the connector and the sales person on our team BUT we can get help from others out there and Share and trade our special powers with theirs, and watch our business explode.

‘What type of Business person are you’ and ‘What’s your unique Selling Style?’

Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange – Marketing and Networking for Small Businesses. Meetings held every Thursday, 10am at The Lead Station, Beech Road, Chorlton.

Articles/Blogs you might want to read for more details:

Networking for Small Businesses in Chorlton

BusyBeeCHORLTONIt’s ‘Selling Season’ at Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange – Marketing and Networking for Small Businesses. Meetings held every Thursday, 10am at The Lead Station, Beech Road, Chorlton.
Over the next 6 weeks we will explore how Small Businesses SELL!

What works for your type of business and what works for YOU in particular? Keeping in mind your personality and how you do business what is your unique selling style?

1) Thursday 5th June - This week it’s all about ‘What type of Business person are you’ and ‘What’s your unique Selling Style?’

2) Thursday 12th June – ‘Hard Sell’ V’s ‘Generate Interest’ – are you the ‘go-to’ person in your field and how do you win yourself the title of ‘Expert in your Field’? Let your customers know exactly what you stand for and build up your reputation for being an expert in your business field.

3) Thursday 19th June – Unique Selling Propositions – Get a unique selling proposition and stand out from the crowd! Reek with Uniqueness & Quickly draw your customers in. Make it clear from the first minute what your small business is all about! (clear selling proposition!).

4) Thursday 26th June – Value yourself like your customers do – Pricing, Packaging and Special offers – Costs, customers and competition (what are your costs, what are customers willing to pay and what the competition charges).

5) Thursday 3rd July – Fairs, Exhibitions, Networking Events – how do small businesses stand out from the crowd and Sell off-line in the Big, Big, Big World!?

6) Thursday 10th July – Sell, Sell, Sell – Unique Selling Techniques – online and offline – New Selling styles and approaches that could work for you… wording, gimmicks, magnets, Graphics & Styles.

For full details of other Busy Bee Networking Events for small businesses in Hale and Chorlton – check out the Events Calendar on the Busy Bee Networking Website.
£10 drop-in for non-members, £5 for visiting Busy Bee Members and Free for Busy Bee CHORLTON members.

BusyBeeCHORLTONBusy Bee marketing Exchange


Networking In Chorlton with Busy Bee Networking

It’s Branding and Communication Season at Busy Bee Chorlton – Marketing Exchange for small businesses. Over the next 5 weeks we’re focusing on Brand You – your offering, your customers and your competitors! We’re working towards creating a marketing message that allows You communicate with conviction and confidence.

Busy Bee CHORLTON is a Marketing focussed Networking group aimed at small businesses in the local area – We meet up every Thursday, 10am at The Lead Station in Chorlton.

Branding and Communication Season


Week 1 – Defining Your Brand Statement & Marketing Brand ‘YOU’. As Small business owners we have to market our products and services at the same time as marketing ourselves. People do business with people and people want to do business with you because of the unique way you conduct business. They respond to how you interact and engage with them which leads them to trust in YOU and your products and services. How do you define Your Brand and do you clearly communicate your uniqueness? Let’s work on defining and clarifying the key elements of Your Brand Statement and improve how you market ’Brand YOU’.

Week 2 – Identify your customers & understand what they value about YOU.


Having a great concept or business idea is a powerful start but if we do not play to our strengths or deliver what our customers expect from us then we may be missing the point and trying to be all things to all customers. Remember we are only there for our customers – we’re not for everyone. Let’s be clear about who our customers are and let’s speak to them in a language they understand and in a way that makes complete sense to them!

Week 3 – Marketing and the Competition

mktingcompetitionWhere do you fit in to the market compared to everything else that’s on offer? What differentiates you from your competition and why do your customers come back to you again and again? Let’s examine your competitors’ offering and be clear about how you are different from them. Let’s also listen to what your customers say in order to find out what they find so compelling about engaging in business with you.

Week 4 – Communicate with Conviction – Creating your Marketing Message.


Considering your Brand offering, your target market, your positioning and the clear knowledge of why your customers choose you over the competition – you can create a marketing message that allows you to communicate with conviction and confidence. Then add value to your offering by delivering on your promise and ensuring you are offering exactly what your customers want and need. Communicate clearly and consistently but above all believe in your delivery and communicate with confidence and conviction and win customers that trust you and come back to you again and again!

Busy Bee CHORLTON – Marketing Exchange meets every Thursday, 10am, at the lead Station in Chorlton – Hope to see you soon!