Bee Powerful – bee real bee…

Marketing Manchester, Networking ManchesterIt’s no coincidence we do what we do!

When we believe in our businesses, the power and passion comes through with confidence and conviction! We may have heard it all before but Today you could feel it! The room was buzzing with Bee power at the Busy Bee networking weekly meeting in Hale, this morning.

Orit Adiri-Niemoghamaireadpearsonjanetlongjennyhoodbeatricebowyer

We had Healthy B – Beatrice Bowyer, Beauty Bee – Jeed Barry, Bright & Shiney Diamond Bee – Orit Adiri Niemogha, Chemical Bee – Mairead Pearson, Financial Buzz Bee – Jenny Hood, Bendy Bee – Janet Long, Hair Care Bee – Risonete Day, Multiply Bee – Lisa McCartney, Bee for cash Books – Julia Rice, Bounce Back Bee – Abigail Eaton Masters – and of course me… Wordy Bee – Caroline Evers  :)



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